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Approved Log Bulking Log - 25Homes

This is update for yesterday training and diet. I trained Back only with some cardio for the knee. Just did 20 min on the bike with my knee which feels good and gets good blood flowing through body. Then get good stretch for back from the disc problems and the shoulder before I get the weights started.

Hammer strength Row
100lbs x 25reps x 2 to warm up
160lbs x 15 reps
200lbs x 12 reps
240lbs x 8 reps

Life fitness row machine

180lbs x 15 reps
200lbs x 12 reps
220lbs x 10 reps

life fitness Lat Pull down

100lbs x 18 reps
145lbs x 12 reps
160lbs x 12 reps

I usually do 15-18 sets on Major Muscles groups chest back legs but I am going to go with 8-12 sets with little heavier weight to see how my body responds for a few weeks. Then adjust from there on feel and growth. Have kept diet pretty consistent daily.

7am Muscle Milk

830am eggs cheese ham onions potatoes green peppers oats and milk

1030am MRE Bar

12pm 6oz ground beef and 1 cup rice

2pm MRE Shake

430pm 1 cup rice and muscle milk

730pm muscle milk oats honey and milk

Feel good eating similiar to this each day. I do switch out protein between beef chicken fish for most part. Keepin fluids up and all the vitamins.

I will say that the canandian Peptides injectables are smooth as butter. hitting full 3cc shots with SUST EQ NPP and there is no PIP at all
@25homes back after that injury, BEAST!
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