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Approved Log Bulking Log - 25Homes

Got back Sunday night and woke up Monday Morning to my Bulldog dead on my bedroom floor. So its been a tough week. my wife devastated and my Cane Corso is so depressed and sad he just cries all day. So can only get better from here. I will get training and Food back on track tomorrow. I am so excited to get back to gym and get locked back in. appreciate all the support.

I Have to Keep the NPP around 200mg a week or it causes prob. SO thats what I will do. Feel great as long as I dont go above that.
You seem to have a lot of issues lately
yea all out my control. Cant control heart attacks and damn sure dont control Death. Trust me I would love not to have the problems but thats life. Not Much you can do but take care of it and move on.
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