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Do any of you use this software? looks good, but i would...


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... love to hear some users with some experience on this....

The Trainers Edge

If not TrainersEdge... do you use something similar?

on a side note, you folks that do personal training and nutritional consultation: what do you do about disclaimers/no fault-no liablity forms and issues?

thanks all.

#1. I have developed my own system of client tracking in my Quickbooks Pro and Word programs. I have made my own templates and it's pretty easy now.
This Trainers Edge looks cool, the only thing that would make me think twice being the program capicity is 100 clients.
If you are busy you could go thru that in a couple years. At one point I was seeing 14 clients per week, in a seasonal area with a turnover about every 6 months. I like to keep all records on all clients for reference. I have in my records, 212 clients. I would have to buy an upgrade or revert back to my prior system.

#2 Not sure if I understand your question correctly, but I will give it a go:
Liability waivers are signed by all of my clients prior to any consultations AND first training session releasing myself, the club/gym and or property owner, I also require an MD's signature on a medical release. As far as nutrition, depending upon which state you are located in, nutritional advice/consultations could be illeagal unless you are a registered dietician.
So far so good for me, no issues or injuries. hope this helps.
How about Fitify? It's a client management, booking and scheduling software. You can make your calendar and your clients log on from any device and book into your availability. You can also sell your sessions in blocks and the program remembers how many have been used. It has multiple payment options for your clients. It's really easy to use. It can be found at www.
It also is WAY less then MindBody ($30 monthly) no pricing tiers AND NO SET UP FEE. It's also WAY easier to use!! The built in social media platform is as good as having your own website.
Do any of you use The Trainers Edge software? It looks good, but I would also love to hear from some users about their experiences.
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