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Diet thoughts for bulking

When bulking it can be really simple. Just focus on eating clean whole foods.....just more of them. See how you respond and if you are not growing, eat more again, lol.
My diet is gonna be for bulking
Here it is:
Breakfast: oatmeal, eggs, bacon turkey
Snack: apple and toast
Lunch: chicken salad and shake
Snack: nuts
Dinner: 8oz steak, 1 patty, broccoli

Sound super low cal for bulking, but a bit hard to judge without portions on everything before dinner. Overall pretty clean aside from bacon(maybe try to encorporate fattier meat instead - I have a whole fridge of venison for example back from hunting season, works like a charm! Going to be duck season pretty soon, but those are much fattier so might be even better. Need to remember to pick up some shells from local gun store before it starts )
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As a lot of the guys said, increase the calories and up the protein