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Dianabol, tbol and test?

dbol 20mgs
tbol 20mgs
n2guard 7caps
Looking to try 2 orals and testosterone on this cycle
Want to keep things a bit simple and avoid injections
Was thinking of 30mgs of dianabol and maybe 25mgs of the turinabol together
Then adding testosterone on week 4 and running it until week 10 or 12.
does this make sense and if so how much testosterone would you recommend I use? My goals are pretty simple. I want to put on strength and size.
but I don't want a lot of side effects either.this is why i am stacking in letro along with the cycle the whole way
I'm currently 29 years old and this is my second time using steroids. I'm approaching 200 lb and I'm 5 foot 10 in
DO you hate your liver?? WHY 2 orals...bad idea....drop one and get N2Guard
I'd rather mostly injections 1 oral i wouldn't want to personally run more than that. Save the liver
I would run the test 12 weeks total and pick one of the orals to run for the first 4 weeks. Either dbol at 20mg per day or tbol at 50mg per day.
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