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    How to dose tren with an oral

    Was wondering what you would recommend for me if i want to properly stack tren with an oral So i’ve got several orals i am interested in using with tren My plan is using tren ace and doing 8 weeks Using an oral for atleast 5 weeks there I have a choice between dianabol, turinabol, or anavar...
  2. G

    Dianabol, tbol and test?

    Looking to try 2 orals and testosterone on this cycle Want to keep things a bit simple and avoid injections Was thinking of 30mgs of dianabol and maybe 25mgs of the turinabol together Then adding testosterone on week 4 and running it until week 10 or 12. does this make sense and if so how much...
  3. T

    Geneza pharma next goals

    My next goals using geneza pharma is gonna be 8-10 pounds of good quality muscle mass I’m ready to do what it necessary to get there Looking at equipoise as a likely steroid, but also open to going with turinabol, testosterone, or trenbolone too My workouts right now are a 3 day split routine. I...
  4. C

    Which injectable to add?

    I'm going to be using dianabol and turinabol stacked I really like this idea i learned from the podcasts i listened to which injectable would you recommend I stack with it if you had to choose between equipoise or trenbolone? I’m trying to get leaner a bit but want size too. I’m 6’ tall and...
  5. M

    cannot wait for my napsgear cycle

    I’m gonna be doing 2 orals together this time from napsgear I’m gonna get myself anavar and also turinabol and do them together thinking 25-50mgs of each per day. My goal is to cut down. I’ve did it before and got super hard and ripped. Cannot wait to start it!
  6. V

    Massive sides on steroids

    I’m a female doing 30mgs turinabol and 25mgs anavar oxandrolone I’m dealing with some heavy duty sides Facial hair for one Also dealing with deepening voice Strength is way up, but sides not worth it I'm 26 years old and wondering if the sides are normal on steroids
  7. K

    Napsgear tbol with eq?

    Has anyone tried the equipoise EQ with turinabol tbol from napsgear? If so how were your results my friend used another source and he said that he wasn't happy at all with his progress. I've been looking at both these steroids and they seem like really good options I’m 30 years old and looking...
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    Bulking cycle for gym rat

    I'm 34 years old and my body fat is around 16%. I'm going to drop a little bit of fat before I start the cycle so don't tell me to wait. my plan is going to be to run testosterone propionate, boldenone and turinabol My dosing i’m thinking of doing 500mg each of the bold and prop. And then...
  9. S

    Domestic supply experience

    I tried out domestic supply for the first time wanted to wait till I was done with my cycle to post up my experience their service was excellent communication was great I ordered the testosterone enanthate and i also used their turinabol sex drive was strong, hunger up, and I felt...
  10. T

    How to add orals to test cycle

    I'm 31 years old 5 ft 11 in a stocky 212 lb I'm going to be doing 500 mg a week of testosterone. I'm wondering if it would be okay to stack in an oral and how would i do that? I don't want to run anything with side effects so I'm going with anavar oxy or turinabol tbols. do I run...
  11. R

    Adding oral to trt

    35 years old On TRT since i was 33 5’10’’ 210 pounds Need to lean up more Which oral should i add to my trt and for how long? My choices are Turinabol tbol Dianabol dbol Halotestin halo Superdrol Oral trenbolone
  12. G

    Geneza pharma options

    Looking to use geneza pharma this time, heard a lot of good things about their brand I have an idea to grab a few vials of their testosterone enanthate. then I was thinking about grabbing some turinabol TBOL I'm not sure if they're orals are just as good as their injectables though. Maybe...
  13. U

    female tbol cycle

    I’m getting ready to run a turinabol TBOL cycle as a female my boyfriend has me taking 10mg a day I’m currently 5’3’’ and I weigh around 150 pounds, I am athletic for my size. I want to lose about 12 pounds any advice/
  14. A

    is pct the same for any cycle?

    I had a question about PCT post cycle therapy. I know if you do a long steroid cycle with injections you probably need a really hardcore PCT if you ever want to properly recover. But what if I do a light steroid cycle with just an oral like anavar or turinabol or dianabol even. Is a strong pct...
  15. JimAbs43 Radio Episode #421 Turinabol only cycles and taking Primobolan with Dianabol. Radio Episode #421 Turinabol only cycles and taking Primobolan with Dianabol.
  16. S

    You down with NPP? Yeah you know me!

    it is time for me to blast I am currently on trt so I don't care about recovery, I want to try NPP this time nandrolone phenylpropionate heard good things about this steroid I never used it before was thinking about doing 500 mg of it and then running my trt dose of testosterone I also wanted...
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    Physique competition steroid cycle

    I am going to Compete in a physique competition which requires me to be shredded and lean. I'm currently 9% body fat and would like to drop to 6% without losing any muscle mass. I have 2 stacks i am considering Trenbolone and Turinabol OR nandrolone phenylpropionate and Winstrol I will adjust...
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    Tbol and test cycle

    My stats are 1.68 m weight is 165 lb body fat is around 13% I was wondering if running testosterone and turinabol was a good stack for someone looking to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. I read that a good dosage is testosterone at 500mg a week and tbol at 30mg a day. What do you...
  19. 9

    Do I need a estrogen blocker on this cycle

    I am already on testosterone year-round doing 200 mg a week for the past four years. I have not run an actual cycle in two or three years so I'm gearing up for 1 and I wanted to run 500 mg a week of testosterone cypionate along with turinabol 50mg a day. do I need an anti estrogen if I do this...
  20. J

    Doing a tbol only cycle

    I am setting up a turinabol tbol only cycle. My stats are 6’1’’ and 190 pounds and my body fat is like 13% I have use both orals and injectables since my early twenties. But now with a family I just want to stick to orals. Was thinking about doing 6 weeks at 40 mg a day oh, what else do I...
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