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Deca, test and anavar

Anavar 50mgs and organ support n2guard when its back for now tudca and NAC
LOG LOG LOG please

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Good info thanks guys. For some reason I originally had orals in my head as 6-8 weeks. Figured I would ask if 12 was a good idea. Since I had them.
That is the main reason for my question. Trying to verify the oral part before starting. I will hold onto the rest of the oral for another cycle down the road.
I will definitely log.
Doing a log is actually beneficial to me. Help with accountability.
Going today for year end blood work. I am currently not on anything other than TRT. This will give me a good base line. Gonna get through holidays, 8 day beach vacation. Do MRI on shoulder first week of the year. And if all is good and ready. I can start second week of the year. Come on body and heal yourself. The Brain is ready to train!

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bro hell yeah letse see log

can yo add tren here?

I don’t want to mess with tren yet.
Correction. I want too, but am holding off. Trying to be smart and ease into injectable PEDs. I have a non cancerous, non gyno lump in my tit. If my estrogen gets out of control it grows. I did Dbol last time and didn’t control it. I was able to take Tamoxifen and get the size make down. Plus I have had some injuries lately so I’m don’t want get stronger of feel stronger than I am and hurt something worse.
Thing change at my age and I can’t be as care free as when I was younger.
I want to try tren, but also not sure yet that it’s right for me.

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