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Deca, test and anavar

The deca has actually been proven to help repair shoulders after surgery and it may also help heal an injured shoulder without surgery, but I've got nothing to back that up. I am currently healing from a rotator cuff surgery and plan on adding Nandrolone in with my TRT to see if it helps with the recovery at the 6 week post operation time. Since my other shoulder is also injured just not as bad I am hoping I can get some relief there as well and get to avoid surgery on that shoulder for a couple years.

Also I have heard some of the GH peptides can help with healing shoulder injuries and have started to research this, but unfortunately not much in the way of actual human lab trials with a lot of the peptides which makes me leary.

I'm just curious on the combination of Deca and Anavar in a cycle. Deca is normally a bulking compound while Anavar is a cutting compound. Would be interested to see your diet plan and know where you think you will be at the end of the cycle.
Overall sounds great man. I would start anavar at day 1 of the cycle. For liver/organ support, get some TUDCA, NAC, and milk thistle until N2Guard is restocked.
50mg Anavar per day is a lot. It will help to monitor liver values and drop Var if they elevate. I wouldn't get s tuck on the 6 weeks term that is commonly cited for orals. If you have trouble 3 weeks in drop them. If you are good at 9 weeks, okay, stay on them if you want. But once your liver values elevate you should stop all orals and focus on liver care before re adding any orals. For me, I get a crappy feeling after about 5-7 weeks on an oral that show up before my liver value go bad. In other words, you might be able to feel it coming. If it were me, I would go with 20mg anavar per day for a longer time.
Thanks for advice.
I recently ran 25mg along with some dbol. Felt good the whole run.
Actually didn’t feel the strength gains. They just happened. My prs went up. When I came off is when I realized how much they had given me.
I will watch out for sure.

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