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Cardarine and ostarine or?

Which stack would work best for me and why?
Cardarine gw and ostarine mk
Sr9009 and s4/andarine
Goals: lean muscle mass, recomp, body fat loss, endurance boost
5’9’’ 234 pounds and 22% body fat. 22 years old

Cardarine and Ostarine stack up to eight weeks long. You should be taking both once a day for the entirety of the eight weeks. You’ll want to take slightly more Ostarine than you do Cardarine. About 15mg of Ostarine should be enough while 10mg of Cardarine is all you will need. It should be noted that taking more of each compound is not going to lead to faster or better results. If anything, you might experience worse side effects from over-taking doses of Cardarine and Ostarine. The results of this stack are mostly anecdotal since there have been no official studies done but they are promising, nevertheless. You can expect to lose anywhere from 8%-10% in body fat by using the two in eight weeks. This might seem unlikely but there have been many accounts of its effectiveness. You would think that with the big loss in weight a loss of muscles would also be a result, but most weightlifters who have seen this amount of weight loss have been able to sustain up to 95% of their muscle.

You can stack Stenabolic SR9009 with other potent SARMs like Ostarine , RAD 140 , and LGD 4033 to maintain lean muscle mass during the cutting phase. These stacks will work amazingly well to offer great fat loss results while retaining the lean muscle mass. I cannot make the choice for you which is which is more beneficial it all comes down to your Opinion,
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