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Blood marker question

we have to be able to track your progress that's why we recommend a log
a lot of people on here are doing them
make sure you're getting your blood work numbers posted so we can see exactly what's going on
if you're worried about your gear post-op pictures of the gear and where you got them from
you're being asked to guess based on a couple numbers doesn't make any sense
get pictures up and we can go from there
Need to wait longer to pull bloods and let the compounds kick in for the blood pannel to be accurate.
Tudca 250-500 mgs per day will keep you in the zone if you find yourself out of it. Also remember that exercise increases the ALT AST, so time your blood work as far away from your last workout as possible.
you should not expect to see blood marker changes for at least a few weeks of anything substantial... you should be quite happy they are in range right now
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