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Better for weight loss? Primo or Mast

Primobolan > Masteron any day
but masteron for a lean guy is the way
the only steroid that has rock hard studies showing they enhance weight loss is anavar. it has to do with the way it is structured just the right way and the effects on metabolism.

other guys have sworn they have cut hard on tren even while eating a crappy diet, i've seen this in person and from their logs. however no doubt those people gained it all back once they came off tren. one of those things where you get a boomerang effect. i've never cut on tren at all. just gotten huge and strong on it.

the nice thing about cutting with primo in my experience is you won't get those carb cravings or other side effects you will get on most all other anabolic steroids. that is the whole purpose of anabolics, to make you hungry to eat to fight muscle wasting. well primo even at higher dosages doesn't do that. so its a good one to take if you want to cut down for that reason
Not trying to depend on it, just looking for the one that will assist with the correct diet and additional supplements.
Steroids are not weight loss drugs though is my point. Dylan really summed it well but hoping to use them to drop significant weight is not their purpose and you are looking at the wrong types of compounds for this goal
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