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Beligas orals?

@bigdextreme74 well you got this from the beligas website thats .org thats probably fake and british dragon was mostly fake too lol

you probably have poor quality but maybe you dont,
please explain why you stopped updating your log?
because that matters on gains
Just saw your post. I bought all my Beligas gear from NapsGear. They were having a BOGO sale. I couldn't resist. Im not so concerned about the money, but the fact it messed up my training. I don't get my time back. The link I posted was just to show a picture of what I bought.
We have no way to help you because you refuse to post your workouts or diet on this forum.
I’m not refusing. I haven’t had time yet.
I’ll try and get something posted tomorrow. I would like to have pictures of food prep To show you.
It’s almost April so I’m switching over to a cutting cycle. This changes my exercises/training.
Something I need to research more are the sarms I just bought and see wgat exercises are best. This includes the HGH you recommended.
I need to make certain that my timing is correct for taking the gear/HGH/sarms.
I would appreciate any insights you may have.


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I posted this in my original log.
Just ordered my my first SARMS:


I put my faith you in you brothers! Lets turn my body into a Greek God!

oh yeah, COVID still sucks donkey balls...

Follow my Transformation Log Journal -
@bigdextreme74 truth be told bro I dont get why you order chemyo after we told you they are bad quality

but up to you i'll support it

example of issues
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