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  1. JimAbs43

    Podcast Underground 37 - Orals only vs Injectables only Cycles with Geneza Pharma Underground 37 - Orals only vs Injectables only Cycles with Geneza Pharma
  2. H

    test prop + which orals?

    I’m looking to stack testosterone propionate with a couple different oral options. My plan is to kick-start the cycle with an oral and then finish the cycle with a different oral and then rotate them on my next cycle to see which one worked better at which time. My stats are 29 years old and I’m...
  3. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #41 - 3 Orals Bulker with Euro Pharmacies Hardcore 2.0 #41 - 3 Orals Bulker with Euro Pharmacies
  4. bigdextreme74

    Beligas orals?

    Hey brothers, im curious if anyone has used Beligas orals? I have been on 100mg for the past 21 days. so far I have experienced nothing. 20 years ago I took 25mg of dbol a day from the original British Dragon Out of Thailand. I put 30 pounds on in...
  5. V

    would you run oral primo as a female?

    Twice I’ve been recommended to do oral primo as a female I’m 5’9’’ and want to compete in bikini. 62Kg they said that 25mgs a day would be a good dose for a female do you think that would work or should I increase the dose to 50mgs?
  6. G

    2 injectables with maybe an oral kickstart

    what do you think about using testosterone and masteron and then adding in an oral kickstart? My plan was 250 mg of the testosterone enanthate with 500mgs of masteron enanthate recomp cycle oral kickstart is my question. Which one would you use here ? And how long is kickstart take? I’m 29...
  7. V

    What am I missing on this 4 week oral cycle?

    Gonna be doing tbol + dbol 25mgs of each per day. I’m currently in my early 40s and 175 pounds 5’8’’.. I’ve been on trt for the past three years and I’m doing 150 mg a week of testosterone with that looking to hit this oral cycle for four weeks. What am I missing in terms of what I need on cycle?
  8. K

    Domestic supply orals any good?

    I was wondering how good domestic supply orals were? Already ran their injectables for the past two cycles. I did their testosterone and I was very impressed with it so then I followed that up with testosterone and equipoise in a cycle Now I just want to do an oral only cycle and keep things at...
  9. S

    Doing just testosterone with some orals

    Does anyone else just do testosterone with an occasional oral steroid here and there? I found that just doing this has allowed me to achieve my goals. I keep growing steadily and I am improving on my strength routines as well. I also keep things fun by changing up my workouts I'm also eating a...
  10. X

    Oral sarms vs. liquid?

    I had a question about using sarms There are 3 ways it seems Liquid sarms Oral sarms like in tabs And injectable sarms (seems to be a new thing very few offering) Would the injectable sarms be the best way to get them absorbed into the body? If so how come more companies aren't doing it that way
  11. JimAbs43 Underground 19 Orals Only Bulk - Dbol, Anadrol, Tbol - Geneza Pharma Underground 19 Orals Only Bulk - Dbol, Anadrol, Tbol - Geneza Pharma
  12. C

    Oral cycle

    I’m 35 years old 6’1’’ 13% body fat Looking for cutting but don’t want to lose muscle or strength that is why I want to try anabolic steroids what would you recommend for a first cycle if I wanted to just do an oral. No injections yet
  13. J

    PSL orals are A+

    never used these guys before. Ordered some of their orals for me and my brother. We both had outstanding results and felt it within a few days. they helped me with my order. ordering is good easy to order on their site. packaging was solid nothing was smashed. i ordered anavar, dbol, anadrol...
  14. M

    is napsgear best for orals?

    I just got done doing a napsgear cycle using orals wow it was fantastic I’ve never tried an oral only cycle before and it blew me away is this typical of napsgear or what?
  15. JimAbs43 Hardcore 2.0 #2 Summer Oral Cutting cycles with Euro pharma Hardcore 2.0 #2 Summer Oral Cutting cycles with Euro pharma
  16. F

    How is geneza orals?

    I ordered orals in the mail from another source and they arrived crushed into pieces. Like wtf? I had to take them by slurping them with a straw lol Does geneza have good orals that don’t fall apart in the mail? Just looking for something legit here
  17. E

    bridging with orals possible?

    here is the deal I am a smaller guy and it's always been hard for me to put on Mass I'm currently 146 lb. Even though I have ran 4 or 5 Cycles my main issue is I lose most of my gains when I come off. I think if I were to bridge with an oral I be able to hold them. This is what my friend...
  18. L

    Upcoming liver support

    I have an upcoming cycle and I'm going to be running a couple orals on it I need something that's going to help my liver so I don't get any issues I heard that herbal base liver support supplements are the best thing you could try. Any suggestions on supplements for me
  19. X

    oral only cycle set up

    I have ran injectable steroids before but now I am married with a kid and my wife said that I can use them but they have to be orals only she doesn't want needles around the house. I don't blame her and that's cool because I've gotten good results from oral steroids before but not running them...
  20. V

    using orals and n2guard

    I need to use oral steroids to get them gains, but I don’t need the liver problems as someone who is a recovering alcoholic. What is the best liver support supplement I can use? Taking a look at n2guard hard but how do I use it if I choose to go with it? Is it 7 caps with orals at the same...
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