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Annoying People in the Gym

theres this guy in my gym who started talking to me one day out of the clear blue sky.

i was getting dressed and he goes: "hey!" but that fat bastard didn't even look at me. so just in case he was talking to me i said "hey." just to be polite. then i hear him say "i just took a week off." but again the guy never looked at me. not even in my direction. he was looking at the floor. so i say (and not looking at him mind you) "oh yeah." and so finally the guy looks at me and he says "yeah, i don't think i lost any muscle mass, just strenth." so i'm trying to figure out just why the hell this guy got it into his mind that i give a shit. then i say to him (as an obvious stab at him because he's so fat) "well, nothing's harder than burning fat." and the butterball has the fat nerve to say "nah, you just gotta find the right thermogenic." thinking to myself that he obviously had yet to find that thermogenic, he caught himself in all his fatness and said "well, uhh...actually...i lost 45 pounds already." but if this guy would have actually had 45 extra pounds added on to him at that time, he would have been too fat to talk. and the guy sure could talk." he then tried to pimp the local supplement store on me and tell me that GNC doesn't know shit (which of cousre i have suspected from time to time depending on what store i go to, but the way this guy was talking, you would think that Mr. GNC killed his dog or sum shit). so just then, at that very moment, the owner of the store he ws trying to pimp on me walks in and he introduces me to him. i felt like i had been ambushed in infomercial, testimonial hell. from now on, when refering to that guy to my girlfriend, i address him as none other than "fat commercial kid."

also there's this guy who can't stop talking about how great his trainer is. and he completely disregards the signs that are posted on the steamroom door which state towels and/or bathing suits must be worn in the steamroom. this asshole goes in there with his cock hanging out, proceeds to sing the praises of his trainer, talk less than humbley about his bullshit diet, and then leave with his hairy ass shaking and bouncing around as he walks away. fukkin disgusting.

then theres this group of guys who go in there every single day, take up all the inclines, declines, and benches, work on their chests ridiculously, stack dimes on the bar like it was the only weight denomination in the gym, and bitch about their pump being TOO BIG after they're done. these guys are known collectively as "the chest krew."

the other day this lady walked into the gym with so much make up on her over-tanned face that she looked orange. and on top of that, she had fixed her hair in such a way that half of her face was covered by her over teased, over relaxed, chemically bombarded hair. then, when asked if she would take her picture for her club ID, she imphatically declned, saying that she was having a bad day. WELL NO SHIT SHE WAS HAVING A BAD DAY!! SHE WAS ORANGE!!!" but with all the effort she exhausted into the way she was dressed and groomed, you might think she wanted to look that way.

ahh, but my favorite gym person of all is that little runt asshole employee who is in charge of recruiting (they actually take memebership seriouly, army style and shit, enlistment is paramount). this little rat bastard will always convieniently leave out some important piece of contract information, try to screw you, and, when he actually attempts a workout himself, he will slap the working weight around for five minutes prior to his set, call the weight obscene names like "bitch" and "whore", and then proceed to embarress himself by failing to complete the second rep. no wonder he's so bitter towards the weight, he can't lift it (and i'm talking 40 pound curls here). to think that this guy actually got hired. i used to think i had a pretty kool gym but i guess my gym really does sukk.
you know what really burns my ass?? At my gym we have a group of young ladies who work at the front desk. and from time to time when i go to the gym in the evening, these lovely ladies have dinner at the front desk. now, these ladies have the "kahunas" to eat Pizza and mc donalds at all the food that most of us folks cannot eat. The smell is ALL over the gym. i cannot understand why on earth these ladies would eat that kind of food at the front desk with all of us walking by. I think it is cruel and one of these days a person who is on a strict diet is going to lose thir minds and jump over that desk and eat their dinner! (not that i would do anything like that! LOL)
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