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Annoying People in the Gym


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Annoying People in the Gym

It seems there're always a few in every gym. I try not to be one of them. There is this one woman whose pure lack of gym etiquette never ceases to amaze me. Every single time she comes in, she'll commandeer several pieces of equipment at one time, by leaving her assorted gear on benches, weights out, etc. while she uses yet a completely different piece of equipment, often which (thankfully I guess) is the exercise of yapping her jaws, filling her water bottle, or going to the bathroom.

This is a very busy gym. People (myself included) have tried nicely to give her the message by asking if we can work in (with her towel or water bottle :eek:!) on something she's not actually using. Amazingly, she gets snippy about this! Other people have been more blunt, but nothing seems to get through to her. I've seen her ask to work in with someone, even when there is an identical piece of equipment standing vacant less than 10 feet away! She also has the annoying habit of hovering over something someone's already using, even though there are countless other vacant options available. AND this is at the same time she's left her stuff on something else! In case anyone's wondering, her workout routines are nothing special. She spends an inordinate amount of time chest pressing the 15# dumbbells (doing this for several years). Oh, and did I mention she'll hand out unsolicited workout tips to unsuspecting newcomers?!!!!

This doesn't bother me like it used to. Now I look forward to seeing what she'll do next because it's so unbelievable. I just had to share with the board, because I wondered if you guys have ever had anyone like this in your gyms. And no, I am NOT making this up...there really is one person at my gym who does all these things!
I find that ripping a nice loud fart around these types clears the area real quick like.

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit.
Well done is better than well said.
LOL@ Sky!

Yes, belching and farting works for me! ;)


friedmom1.gif knows no pain.
Just try moving her stuff onto the floor, use the equipment, and then move it back. And pretend that you are deaf. :)

Or maybe you could hold up her towel, loudly announce "whose is this?? It stinks to high heaven!"

There is a guy in my gym that does the same thing, he leaves his weights on every possible piece of equipment, and then goes "hey, I'm using that" when you move it. I use my own advice, ignore him, and just go about my business.

Or, just thought of this, buy a cheap gym bag, put all of her stuff into it, and go and hand it to her. Tell her that you wouldn't want her to forget anything, or have someone else drinking out of her water bottle or whatever.

A couple of my gym buds and I ganged up on this couple who do that shit at my gym..heeheehee we'd complained and teh manager had said something a couple of times but they are teh sort of money entitled personality know they ones...nouveau riche with no couthe...they do the same routine every night take all the weights lay their stuff everywhere so basically we just did thier exact routine just ahead of them and put our stuff all over the benches and machines, took all the DBs and OBs they used and laid them around, stood around and chatted interrupted the sets they could get was quite cleansing!! they left and went to complain to management but of course we had already done more than our share of complaining about them first so our manager basically told them to suck it up... if they were going to dish it they needed to take it...and they were lucky somebody hadn't bent a bar around their heads or redecorated their Beemer already... they've been pretty good since...
Oh oh....

1. All the people on them damn cell phones taking up space. I heard some guy the other night yelling with his woman on the phone because she didn't call him back. Needless to say, if he was using something I needed and were in my way, I would have bitch slapped his ass. At the same time, there were 2 more people talking on a cell phone. One guy was in the middle of a leg press set (?). I literally have to go into the gym with a "happier" attitude because if I don't, then one day I will go off on them. Anyway, I have been trying to find a place to bitch about this lately, so thanks for the thread.

Goa ahead and rub into us about your HARDCORE gym, LOBO....see if I care! :p

Reminds of how I was told that I grunt too loudly and too frequently at the candy-ass gym I train at regularly. OK. Now they have a problem w/who I train with! I know, I know I shouldn't complain....I knew they would give me shit about this sooner or later, so I guess I should be glad that I got away w/it this long.

OK, I'll back up. Last summer a sales guy who was a little sweet on another woman I trained w/on occasion gave me a whole stack of "guest passes" so that I could continue to bring her in. (The guest passes are single use only.) Anyways, no one ever said anything about the fact that I would bring the same people on occasion to train w/me.
Well FC and IG have come to my gym w/me a few times over the past few months. This week passed the DICKHEADED salesguy (not the one who gave me the passes, obviously) said, "You gotta pay the fee, they've been here before."......Just because I pointed out to him that he had chicken legs once. Hey, He started it! He said something about the fact that I had let my underarm hair out of control. I was bulking and I didn't see the need to pay to get a wax when I wasn't going to be shooting ANYWAY.....So I said, "I'll get a wax today, but your legs will still be skinny!"

Maybe I shouldn't have said that......NAAAAAAH! He got REALLY PISSED! tee-hee


friedmom1.gif knows no pain.
My major complaint is B.O.! Some of these guys think they are Major Players, but they stink so badly, it's really quite comical!
Guys, it's okay to shower BEFORE you go to the gym, if you stink! And deodorant is a must!! And PLEASE, do Not try to cover the stink with cologne!
My gym is horrible.I had this guy last week interupt me durring my heaviest set ever of laterals.( I really had to concentrate to do this set)I totally lost my focus I looked at him thru the mirror and then he asked me to move over so he could put his weights up.I couldn't beleive it.i told him after my set is complete.Do you know what he did?

He threw his weights down behind me.The whole gym was quiet and staring at us.I LOST IT!!!!

I tore into him!!
He came over an appolgized later.But he still didn't understand what he did wrong.He still thinks it is my fault because all he wanted was me to move over alittle bit ....unbelievable.

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