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PSL - 🐎Hold your horses and Behold, the BOLD!🐎 NEW 15mL vials or (10mL vials)


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Hold your horses and Behold, the BOLD! NEW 15mL vials or (10mL vials)
🐎Hold your horses and Behold, the BOLD!🐎
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From an other poster... So lets talk about this and hear everyone feeds back.
Blue is his questions, and red is my answer IMO.

Would low dose EQ added into a cycle benefit in any way? Say like deca or Tren are at around 200mg per wk. I ran EQ one time at 600mg and was not impressed, it's either not for me or I just ran too low of a dose. With pushing all that oil I'd rather be using a dif compound. Maybe when I have some extra cash I'll try a gram a wk. I know some people swear by it

Absolutely, Boldenone can dramatically increase collagen & elastin synthesis "fibrous glycoprotein properties" which is found in connective tissue, in return substantially minimizing any chance of injuries.. Further more, it will significantly reduce "Leptin Serum" levels, this is the mediator hormone that dictates hunger by suppression when normal/high serum levels are found, decreasing the desire for food intake, aside from ghrelin being an other counter part in this mechanism of action which has a role in meal initiation/desire upon release/secretions)..Speaking of Ghrelin, it can have an indirect course of action through neurotransmitter influence with Ghrelin secretion, increasing the desire for food! Win-Win situation, appetite stimulation, and increase collagen & elastin synthesis.. No wonder it's used in some clinical settings for treatment with ill/malnourished/injured animals to help improve a state of health and recovery.. :winkfinger:

You don't need much, less can be more.. But at superfluous dosages it's a completely different animal :D
EQ acts more like a version of Tbol (Turinabol) or even a Mild dose of Dbol-without the androgenic repercussions or bloat/excessive estrogen conversion that Dbol can yield,
maybe a mild testosterone or mast would be a good way to put how it can effect muscle building/hardening..
Bold was in fact compounded with intent to be a VERY long esterfied injectable dbol,but like many testosterone derivatives they ended up becoming something entirely different.. You don't need much, less can be more.. But at superfluous dosages it's a completely different animal

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Are you looking to get that clean, hard and vascular look while leaning out?

Do you wish to know more about how and where to order this product?
Available Locally or International. see price list for difference


(Boldenone Undecyclenate)
Boldenone undecylenate “Equipoise” is a veterinarian steroid that made it's claim to fame by some faithful individuals
that swear by it's unique traits that are nothing short but amazing,
and others advocate it can be hit or miss with users, some claim that it's an underrated compound as others are steadfast
with the notion that it provides no worth while benefits..

The back story of this lone AAS belongs to - testosterone derived anabolic androgenic steroid and androgen ester that is used in veterinary medicine,
particularly it was originally suited for use in horses.

It was intended to increase the lean body weight as it can increase the appetite of the horse
(We'll talk about that at the end)..

Boldenone undecylenate is famous for its extraordinary capability with
promoting the strength and muscle endurance which is extremely beneficial in providing the added advantage with athletic performance,
also it possess amazing collagen and elastin synthesis properties "fibrous glycoprotein"
(which is found in connective tissue)

With EQ it's notoriety and popularity from those that rave about it comes from it's ability to provide a hard, lean and dense look while appearing to have a barren/water-less non-bloat appearance,
yielding a more vascular and four dimensional look..

If one is looking for a quality and aesthetic physique, look no further..

Dosages can range from 400-600mgs weekly, while most swear that it "truly" begins to display it's true untapped potentials at 1000+ mgs weekly,
and at superfluous dosages 1500mg it's known to unleash some amazing results..
However, this may come at the expense of having excessively more oily skin, and the potential of more acne and a drastic increase with Hematocrit levels (RBC's)..
Half-life: 16.6 days
carbon atom: 11
Grab some of this game changer right here.
increased strength , muscle endurance , enhance performance.
Boldenone is Great at promoting collagen and elastin synthesis.
Did I mention you will become vascular as hell..
It's time to let PSL help you achieve your goals!
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