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Annoying People in the Gym

OK one more!!!!
I have to get this out for therapy reasons LOL.

We have alot of new people in the gym right
know you know new year.yada yada.

Well we have our share of older poeple.I guess in there late sixties.

Now they have as much right to be there as me. and even though they have no clue to what they are doing and they are just taking up space because they wont stick with it or fully understand what it really takes to change their body.

They still have as much right to take up space as I do......BUT..

When they take over the machine that I am working on with out asking if they can work in...and then talk to each other while they are moving there arms around with the weight and only switch arms when there is a lull in the conversation ...I GET UPSET.

why do some older people(not all just the ones I guess in my gym) think the have some extra rights to be selfish just because they have reached and older age?>????

I NEED HELP ,I dont go to the gym at peak hours and I dont go on monday or tuesday.

Someone please open a good gym in FT Worth TX!!!!!!!!!

OK I feel better I'm off to the gym!

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kick her ass,,,,tell her what she needs to know, fuck those kind of people... fuck them all, your there for you not to put up with their shit.

I shower before the WO also. I need that time to relax and think about the WO.And my bones ache since I got into my .I need the hot water to loosen up and stretch my shoulders.

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There is this real hottie in my gym. She prances around in tight tanks and shorts/pants, has a serious attitude problem, and thinks that she is the hottest thing to walk the face of the earth. The problem: she is seriously overweight.

One day, she decides to enter into a competion with me on incline db press. At first I thought it was sorta funny. But, after a while it was really distracting (especially when she was standing between me and the mirror). She started obstructing my view and range of motion on purpose. Eventually, she tired of trying to get a rise out of me and she left. I finished my workout believing this was the end of the episode. But, of course not. I went into the locker room and there she was. Standing butt naked in the middle of the locker room talking on her cell phone. She then began to walk around, chatting away on her cell phone, and giving me dirty looks. By this time I am totally disgusted not only with seeing this woman naked but with her personality. There is no reason to talk on your cell in the gym, and there is also no reason to treat women with good physiques like shit.

There are also about a million little guys running around my gym with ILS. PLEASE, someone find a cure. There is also this 65 year old woman (who frequently wears bandaids on her forehead) who constantly yells at her husband on the phone about getting a divorce. Several guys who sound as though they are getting sodomized as they bench 100 lbs. They get up and then flex in the mirror so that all 125 lbs. can be admired by all. There is also this one dude who puts about 20 dimes each side on a squat bar, squats about once, then leaves the bar there. I think he is at the gym for about 30 minutes. Most of which is spent loading the bar full of dimes. And, yes there is also that huge fat guy who wanders around with his belt on at all times just in case he needs some extra support walking to the drinking fountain. MY GYM SUCKS!!! If I ever get around to it I am going to start a website featuring these gym clowns. I will post some pics of these idiots when I can. Although not of that fat chic naked, because that is just wrong. Thanks for letting me bitch. I needed that.
My gym has noooo shortage of the guys that like to study the weight I'm using and say "hmmf, that's a lot of weight...for a girl". (depending on their tone, I usually reply that it's my light day and I'm repping out)
Well Sista Singer I THOROUGHLY enjoyed your post! :D


Lobo, it's nice to know that I still got it ;).


friedmom1.gif knows no pain.
There is a gentleman who runs the local supplement store here in town and goes to my gym. He and his wife have been obviously working out hard core for years. He's got a smart mouth on him and she's pretty quiet but I like them both! He's HYUGE (and I'm sure all natural ;) ) He was benching Iron God's nemisis db's this morning...he did one set and made a big show of panting, grimacing, saying how much it hurt. So I said casually as he walked by me "stop moaning ya wimp" tee hee...his workout partner kind of groans and says "oh thanks a lot, now he'll be a bear the rest of the morning"

Okay I'm a smart ass - he knows damn well just one of those db's would crush me. He's not really annoying, I just couldn't believe that I said that to him. He says "she's right, I need to stand up and be a man"

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit.
Well done is better than well said.
WarLobo and bikinimom: Glad you enjoyed my post.

I totally forgot to mention my favorite gym clown in my previous post. He belongs to a subclass of the "professional" bodybuilder, called the Napoleon. I am sure there is at least one in every yuppy gym, so I will speak generally. He is between 5' and 5'4", 40-55, wears 1-2 tight tanks, tight shorts, socks up to the middle of their calf, wears glasses although on "dangerous" days could wear contacts and is bald or balding. He differs from the "professional" body builders because he is short, bald, only grunts occasionally, has the molester mustache and looks like a perv.

Typical Training for the Napoleon: It is all about circuit training baby. Does max weight, 4-6 reps for 15 sets. Has two different training routines: abs/arms and abs/legs/arms, 7 days a week. Gains? what are those
Hobbies: gawking at women in the gym, inventing new exercises on a weekly basis, frequenting porn sites on the internet.
Can be seen at...: my gym, porn shops, NAMBLA meetings, playgrounds.
Occupation: elementary school gym teacher
Aggressiveness: 0

I also saw an entirely new species yesterday. Frat boy with ICS (imaginary chest sydrome). Again, no known cure.

Age: 18-23
Routine: Bench press, 25-40 sets
Clothing: long pants and a quasi wife beater. All by Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, J Crew, or Abercrombie and Fitch.
Can be seen at....: universities, clubs, frat houses, coffee joints
Hobbies: talking about women all the time so that everyone knows he's heterosexual, talking at Starbucks on his cell phone about socialism, talking about the good old days at his prep school
Aggressiveness: 2 but thinks he's a 10

Again, thanks for letting me wallow in my misery.
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