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Annoying People in the Gym

Originally posted by MarlaSinger:
The gym is home to many rare species of homo-sapiens, one of the most impressive, yet very common, is known as "Das Wunderkind". DW is not just a fine physical specimen, he is a GENIUS at his craft. He has built his powerful, awe-inspiring physique by way of revolutionary exercise tecniques. These techniques include the one-legged smith machine squat. On one occassion, I witnessed DW performing this movement with exceptional grace while simultaneously scratching his testicles. It was breathtaking.
It is important to note that DW is very territorial. He will mark his territory by carefully placing one of his many gym towels upon a piece of equipment, by profusely sweating upon it, or both.
However, what is even more impressive is his mating ritual. Whenever females enter the immediate vicinity of Das Wunderkind, he will puff his chest out, begin yelling very loudly about asinine topics, and scream as if he is vacating a particularly painful bowel movement during each and every "rep" that he performs. DW will also display his masculine dominance by asking potential mates if they need help stripping down their weight while wearing a shit-eating grin on his face.

-Marla Singer

bwhahahahahahaha, nice post.
How about 'gym gorilla'? Guy with a shaved head and compulsorily ugly. Grunts and groans at either the squat rack or bench with at least one 'head turning' enormous groan during each workout. His face alternates between red, vein popping strain, or a permanent grumpy scowl. Repels women, children, and anyone with an IQ over 100. His annoying habits in the gym are hogging the squat racks and benches, and leaving his giant dumbells on the floor as a guaranteed tripping device.
Anyone else have 'gym gorillas'?
Personally, I can't stand people in the gym that stare. I don't like being gaulked at and it annoys me to death when people stare at me. Seriously, I am not trying to be conceited HONESTLY. It just annoys me. I am probably the most fit person in there (for now) and miles apart from most of the dudes in there so I guess I understand.

Ladies, how do you deal with finding men? I mean, I live in a major city and there are NO guys with decent bods around. In clothes, they may look decent but when the shirt comes off (god forbid show legs) it is all nasty and hairy. Shit, take a look at the pics that get posted on the chat and anabolics boards. Some of the ugliest mugs and bods I have seen and most of the guys praise them for being "cool dude", "look awesome bro", etc... What a bunch of bullshit.
i was at the gym today and thought of this topic. there is this girl who's maybe 17, 18tops, who thinks she is the shit! she goes to the gym wearing her nothing but her sports bra with her big boobs hanging out and tight pants and then procedes to prance around like she's the best looking thing that ever walk in the place. she's at the gym for like 1hr-2hrs and the most exercise ive seen her do is MAYBE 10mins walking on the treadmill! the remanding time she is there, it is spent socializing with all the guys. it is so funny. she thinks she's all that yet she has muscle tone to show...just her flat flabby stomach that she loves to show off.
im sure there's one of these in every gym but i thought i share this with the board.
I hate bitches who wear make up and do their hair just to go to they gym. They also wear a cute little outfit to the gym too. Who are they trying to impress in the first place?

I'm a bitch! So what! Deal with it! How long did it take for you to figure that out?

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I hate ppl who don't wipe off the machines when they are done with them!

I'm a bitch! So what! Deal with it! How long did it take for you to figure that out?
Now it sounds a little closer to my gym(s)
The gym I go to in the evening there are two types: the ones that are like 15yrs who got a one week pass so they get all they're girlfriends together and go in a big pack, they hog up all the cardio equip. it takes em like 5 mins to figure out how to start the damn Elipitical trainer, after not one of the 8 of 'em can figure it out they go hog the tredmills then scream across at eachother 1rst. on how long they are all gonna do, then about which of the "bitches" are anorexic....
Then, there is the "Boobie-Girl" crew,
These are the ones that all have implants,
Hair fluffed higher than Carmen Electra, and they wear more make-up than I do when I clubbin in Las Vegas(which is a hell of a lot), and dont let em get near the Sauna: all the make-up comes off, and the Xanadu Brazilian thongs come on!!! oh god, just what I want a bunch of Nasty,Beer-Gut from hell speedo wearing, sweatin like a pig ol
bastards (sorry, but thats what a lot of the guys are like in the Sauna at my gym) gettin woodies from looking me, YUK!

Then the gym I go to in the morning before work,
you have all the women that are like a size 0/1, ya'know,
the ones that are like 5'8" 97 lbs,
they bring in they're Laptops, documents, briefcases & cell flop all they're shit down along side the stepper and do like 2 hrs.
at warp 10, while screaming into the phone about Motions, Mergers, Stocks, and these types come in Female and Male forms.
Why cant I find a "normal gym, to go to"
This is why I love weekends, I can go a like Midnight and hardly any idiots :)
i can relate to all of those types of people! i go to the gym at 5:00am because i cannot stant to go in evening. there are so many kids there who are just shopping for their next date, or the women who are at the gym with a full face of make up and enough perfume to choke a horse. there is one guy who goes to my gym who looks just like herman munster and he's been going to the gym for quite some time and has a personal trainer. well this guy looks almost exactly the same as he did when he started, except for the fact that he tans now and wears those hideous string tank tops! and he grunts a groans so loud i am waitng for him to give birth!i don't care about people making noise we all do, but lord i can hear this guy over jimmy hendrix on my headphones. and they are turned up as loud as they go!
I go to two gyms to get away from some of gym freaks BUT they're at EVERY GYM! I try to get to the gym by 5 or 5:30 a.m also.

The one girl who comes into the gym with flesh colored tights and a g-string leotard. She wears this outfit on her chest day, she lays on the bench with her legs wide open.

The dirty old men (the young guys also, it's social hour for them)who waits patiently for you to start doing cardio and just "happens" to get on the piece of cardio equpment besides you and proceeds to annoy the hell out of you GRRRRRRRR!

The trainers and self proclaimed gym gurus who offer you unsolicated Steroid & training advice. Try a cycle of test, do lasix before a competition, do box squats and arm presses at the same time, etc, etc.

The people who stares at themselves in the mirror. Usually it a young kid who think he has abs, he stands in front of the mirror trying to do an ab & thigh pose blowing out. He has no abs to speak of LOL!
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