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Anavar with test Cyp for lean gains

if you want the absolute best anavar and test stack then head over to UGfreak
para pharma is the best anavar i've ever used
Just looking for lean gains please
I’m doing daily fasted cardio
Training 5x per week
Anavar 50mgs a day 2 weeks then increasing to 75 and then going to 100mgs on a 2 week stagger
Testosterone was my main question. How much to run here for my desired goals?
5’6’’ 172 pounds. 12-13% body fat and 44 yrs old
Id run the test at 300mg a week. Run it for 12 weeks... Run anavar last 6-8 weeks and use at 50mg ed...Get your diet right out the gate so you can get BF% down to get results from anavar.... go to for the goods
No need to ever pyramid doses like that man. You just send hormones on a roller coaster and set yourself up for side effects. Just run 50mg per day for 4-6 weeks.
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