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i like test and winny

500mgs testosterone cypionate
50mgs winstrol
n2guard aromasin

pct nolva/clo/hcg

and Put up a log
testosterone winstrol LOG <call it htat

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I did a cycle in the past. 12 weeks of test cyp and dbol. Now I am in the military and looking to start a new cycle. I have 2 vials of test cyp and 150/50mg oral winstrol, and HCG. I am not very knowledgeable on using steroids safely because last time I was sort of guided by my old lifting buddy who told me exactly what to do. I've done research and found out that winstrol should not be ran for 12 weeks, which is new information to me...
I am 5'11 190 and 26 years old. I am fairly lean

My questions are:
1. What should be dosages and cycle length for each compound?
2. What should I use as a PCT?
3. WHat size needles do i need?

This is my first post, so sorry if I sound like a complete retard....

All that info is in our articles. Check them out
Consider following cycle: TEST CYP-500mgs, weekly, 12 weeks; WINI-50mgs,daily, 8 weeks; plus N2Guard for organ support, important to your health
good luck with 8 weeks of winstrol.. thats too long.. its too toxic and too strong and orals really shouldnt go over 8 weeks... by the time you get to week 5 or so with winstrol, you are going to really feel it and its just too much internally to run 8 weeks
I agree with Dylan that is much too long for Winstrol and at your age, I believe you are making a mistake using steroids in general. You are still quite young and should wait
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