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Approved Log 2024 Para Pharma Testosterone Primobolan Equipoise Tbol Contest Prep Log

not done Zane's program so it's interesting to read about this
Yes I haven't really seen anyone try and pull it off and go indepth with it. I figured heck I'm running 16 weeks so I might as well give it a shot, only things I am changing is more cardio, 5 days a week ontop of adding 1-2 extra exercises when I see it is needed, the interesting thing is no trap work really so that is something I will add in. I have never done 3 days a week working out I've always been at 5 or more so it will be really interesting seeing how I grow if I make more or less progress etc, either way it will be a great test for me and maybe others will give it a try.
Tuesday January 30 2024

I apologize for no updates the other day as I had my CT heart scan today only took around 5 minutes or so, I had some rules no working out 24hrs prior no caffeine 12 hours prior as it could affect the test.

Hit the gym right after the testing was completed.

I was talking with a gym buddy after my workout and he was super positive and encouraging me with my vison of being on the stage, I actually have a few people who want to attend when I finally get to that point which is an honor for me and humbling at the same time, one of his buddies overhead and told me exactly who to contact and where to go and where the show is and what time of year they hold the show, which was very nice of him, he looks at me looks at his buddy and back at me and goes... just so u know that show is untested so I hope you plan on doing what is needed to compete, I looked at him nodded and said don't worry I understand and got it covered, he just smiled nodded and walked away.

All in all positive successful night.

I still need 2 pick up a bottle of n2guard before I get into the cycle, I don't like running a cycle without the proper support supplement. Been putting it off because I've had so many doctors appointments and tests plus preparing the cycle etc, so I apologize again.

I need these things done so I can provide all of you the most indepth log I can with full details, it goes much further then just inside the gym and lifting weights with my logs.

I want to do the community a service and be fully transparent for all of you and make it worth viewing and replying with my log, least I can do for all the awesome support all of you show me all the time.

I also need to give a heartfelt and humble thank you for Stevesmi & Mobster, I recently played the podcast episode on para pharma reviews. I had a small section that I got mentioned by the guys, they didn't have to say those kind words about me yet they did, and I just want to let both of you know I truly appreciate you doing that and putting me in a part of the episode, I felt so proud and happy in that moment that my results and log along with help I try and provide in the community got mentioned. I felt accomplished seeing my log and hard work pay off. Thank you guys, I appreciate and respect the both of you alot and constantly learn new things from you guys all the time and have for years with viewing the podcast.

After going almost all night and day no caffeine I have a nice bug headache which doesn't feel the best lol.

I should have my plack and calcium artery scores later this weak, two reasons why the echocardiogram and CT scan are important for me, dad had a heart attack at 40 lived through it, 2 uncles and one grandfather all died of heart attacks.

With me at the very beginner stages of my anabloic use and the goals I have set ahead of me, this is absolutely necessary testing. I'd rather know now then not know later and I pay the ultimate price.

I also am very adamant on blood work and getting bloods done because it's the responsibility you have as a person in my opinion if you are dabbling or fully in on ped use, I'd rather be careful not sorry in the long run.

I will say the most note worthy accomplishment today in the gym was me again hitting 470lbs on rack pulls for 2x1 each rep I did a static hold and gripped that bar in the lock out position both times for as many seconds as I could before setting it back down.

I'm not sure if changing my programming and taking more days off is already paying dividends and helping me become stronger with more rest days, I can tell u overall I feel much better 3 days of resistance training in the gym vs 5 I get just as much done, cardio still keeping around 5 days a week.

Current weight is back up at 217lbs probably over ate on some rest days, but hey 3lbs not a big deal, once I hit cardio it will be corrected.

My last trt Injection was 7 days ago, now some might believe in this some might not, I like giving my body a break for a couple weeks before I run the cycle full throttle plus I have bloods on February 8th it's a good way for me to get my baseline numbers before starting, so I will see free t, Total t and estrogen, then 4 weeks from the 8th more blood work so I can see where the gear puts my numbers at and I can adjust and tweak my protocol of AI accordingly.

Training today:

Back, Biceps, Forearms, Abs (Duration 100 – 110 Minutes)
Workout One

Wide Grip Rack Pulls

Seated Cable Row
3x15@100lbs( low row)

Front Lat Pulldown

One Arm DB Concentration Curls

Alternating Dumbbell Curls

45° Incline Dumbbell Curls

Barbell Curl ( Wide Grip)

Barbell Reverse Wrist Curls

Barbell Wrist Curls

Crunches 1x50
Seated Twists 1x50

Cardio will be done Wednesday through Sunday 45-1 hour duration.
Wednesday January 31 2024

I will open by saying the zane program is working wonderfully already, it seems as though I am getting stronger with my lifts, sometimes a switch in programing creates a beautiful synergy and good things happen.

The fact I only hit the weights three days a week now means I can spend some extra time and go longer with my training knowing I can take 2-3 days off and only have cardio that needs done on those off days.

Today was 3 hours total 2 hours of resistance training and 1 hour of cardio, some people will agree with that others won't, if it's working for me then it's working and that is what matters, as well as how I feel.

I am in full on foucs mode and when I get like this I become relentless trying to give and be my very best.

I got out of work late so by the time I hit the gym and completed everything I did not leave the gym till almost 1am fine by me had ample space and open equipment for once which was a great feeling.

I also added in some extra movements that made my time increase, as well as extra reps on majority of the lifts tonight, I felt I needed 2 push it and see what I could accomplish with doing so.

Zanes program is no joke and with me adding and switching certain lifts to work around the equipment I have, if certainly adds degrees of difficulty which I want and like.

Weight is also back down at 215.6 so good news on that. I add a bit more calories then normal nothing crazy about 220 over what I normally eat knowing what I was about to do tonight, I definitely ate the bulk of my carbs a little while before training for that extra energy output.

Calories 2420
Protein 200g
Carbs 108g
Fat 70g

Enjoy the update everyone

Wixx 💪

Training tonight as follows.

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs, Traps

Workout Two

Dumbbell Bench Press

70° Incline Dumbbell Press (Drop Angle Down Each Set

Machine Pec Deck

Dumbbell Chest Isolation Movement

Close Grip Bench Press

V-Grip Pressdown

Cable Rope Push-down

Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Side Delt Raise

Dumbbell Seated Shoulder Press

Barbell Shrugs

Plate Shurgs

Hanging Leg Raises 2x25( Bodyweight)
Ab Crunches 2x25 ( weighted 30lbs)
Seated Twists 2x100( weighted 50lbs)
Ab Coaster 2x25 ( Bodyweight +20lbs)

Incline 6.0
Speed 3.3
Distance 3.20 miles
Duration 60 minutes
Excellent log! Keep grinding bro.
Excellent log! Keep grinding bro.
Appreciate that brother, the grind never stops even when we reach the goal we set another one and repeat 💯
Thursday February 1 2024

I haven't trained legs in a few weeks with my on going knee issue, I decided last night it needed to be done, I avoided the smith machine and squats all together just being cautious.

All in all I had a great Leg day and I worked them as hard as I could within reason with my knee.

Last night went good with the knee, when I woke up today and started walking around I was limping for a little while which is annoying and in pain, just something I deal with, either way I pushed through it and got the workout done.

I decided I earned a 2lb steak last night and who am I with passing up a porterhouse steak on sale for a great price 😂 that badboy was like 1800 calories and I enjoyed every single one of those calories. I ate that steak immediately after Legs got trained.

Carbs stayed lite around 30 or so for the entire day, mostly fat protein and fiber yesterday, all said an done 3052 calories yesterday so that was officially my refeed day, now back into my normal 2200-2300 calories a day.

I ate lite the enitre day before that steak only having two small meals spread throughout the day two protein wraps with 3 scrambled eggs in each wrap lite lettuce onion, green pepper, hot sauce lite cheddar cheese on both wraps.

Today being Friday I decided I'd have some fun and make pizza, now before any of u call me fat 😂 those are protein carb smart wraps as my crust so both those are a whopping 240 calories for both of those wraps, 1oz lite cheese on both wraps 6 pieces of pepperoni with 6 small pieces of sausage with a handful of black olives, the other wrap pizza is 2.5oz chicken and handful of green olives both protein wrap pizzas have 1/4 cup of red sauce as the base. 14 carbs in both wraps which is nothing, you can still have fun with food just have 2 be smart about it and tweak it so it is a healthier option everything in moderation I always believe in that.

I decided doing 3 days of resistance training in a row which I enjoyed alot, now we just do cardio rest of the week and relax and recover.

Gonna up the cardio into and hour and 30 minutes next 3 days so i can burn a little more calories with all my resistance training done this week, maybe one more day of ab work tossed in.

Enjoy the update everyone!

Wixx 💪

Training: Legs

Leg Extensions

Leg Press

Seated Leg Curl

Laying Leg Curl

Hip Abductor

Seated Calf Press

Standing Calf Raises
Saturday February 3 2024

I figured I should show some before the cycle starts photos so everyone can see my current condition with the body.

Current weight is around 215-216lbs

I did relaxed photos some flexed photos and I did a couple vacuum photos so I can give everyone a really good idea how I fairing currently.

Cycle will officially start this coming monday.

Ps Mobster don't grill me about the phone in the photos 😂 jk grill away I know you will anyway 😎 its ok I deserve it im sure lol.

Enjoy the update everyone!

Wixx 💪
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