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Approved Log 2024 Para Pharma Testosterone Primobolan Equipoise Tbol Contest Prep Log

View attachment 142672Saturday February 3 2024

I figured I should show some before the cycle starts photos so everyone can see my current condition with the body.

Current weight is around 215-216lbs

I did relaxed photos some flexed photos and I did a couple vacuum photos so I can give everyone a really good idea how I fairing currently.

Cycle will officially start this coming monday.

Ps Mobster don't grill me about the phone in the photos 😂 jk grill away I know you will anyway 😎 its ok I deserve it im sure lol.

Enjoy the update everyone!

Wixx 💪View attachment 142669View attachment 142670View attachment 142671
@Noah Wixx the big playa
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