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Think about bread!


New member
Hey guys! This is just a short article that I wrote - everyone looks for a perfect diet and most people, even if they limit carbs, still eat - what? - bread. And about bread...

A tiny quiz

I won’t keep you busy… Just ask yourself those two short questions!
Where do you buy your bread?
a)local bakery or make it yourself, b)supermarket, chain store
How long does your bread usually last?
a)up to 2-3 days, b)more than that

And mostly sad results

If you got two b’s, I have some bad news for you! Some people don’t really care about the quality of their bread because they mostly focus on what they put on it, not the bread itself. However, even if we treat it like an edible plate for that ham&cheese, it’s still an important part of our everyday diet that can supply us with our daily recommended amount of fiber. Why are we all about eco foods, but forget about an elementary part of our diet that bread is?

Why avoid supermarkets

Supermarket bread – unless your local supermarket is a glorious exception – is NOT made in their bakery and is not “all American”, “all British” or whatever they advertise where you’re at. Frozen dough can travel through three continents (with the cereal from yet another) before it reaches the supermarket… to be quickly heated by an employee who’s as much of a baker as you are. He probably just presses a button. I’m feeling like a commercial of a local bakery :) But I’m not. Put some effort into it the next time you need bread. Visit a few true bakeries and find a match. It’s worth it & your body will appreciate it :)

And where do you buy your bread? Or maybe someone bakes it at home or even totally stopped eating and why?


New member
In supermarkets there is still a possibility to find wholemeal bread, and may be it is not 100% stone ground wholemeal bread this is the only acceptable solution for me. It lasts for about 2-3 days, but generally i try to avoid bread completely.