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  1. Y

    using SERM’s vs. AI’s on cycle?

    I’ve read that SERM’s are less of a problem then AI’s. Because they will not cause the low estrogen side effects like killing libido, erection issues or mood swings like AI’s will with that said I’ve seen some old school bodybuilders who insist that they still use nolva on cycle and have never...
  2. themuscle98

    How long for Nolvadex to kick in?

    What’s up fellas! Kind of an urgent situation I am 4 weeks out of my show today, and I’ve recently developed gyno the past couple of weeks. I told my coach and when he saw how noticeable it was( because even I didn’t realize until I was in a posing studio) he cut me test down and upped the...
  3. S

    pleased with syn pharma

    i got my pack within 7 days, not bad considering it was over a weekend and the post office is closed where i am. impressed with their professionalism. communication is smooth easy to order and email. products were packed well , nothing broke. i've ordered test E, nolva, clomid, eq and results...
  4. B

    napsgear is a recommended source

    I would recommend these guys to anybody, delivery was fast after they received my payment. Products are legit. all of us are using them now. top-notch communication and emails responded very fast. packaging was good. i ordered EQ, tbol, test, nolva and i am 8 weeks in and 2 thumbs up.
  5. S

    PSL are the best in the business so far

    I am very sensitive to post injection pain so I was apprehensive using these guys cuz I was worried their Gear would hurt. But the injections are smooth as butter. Very fast service and quality products. their website is easy to order from. 5/5 for delivery and packaging. i've ordered...
  6. S

    new guy lurking found geneza pharma

    feel like i am ready for steroids finally, i’m in my 30’s and its gonna be my first cycle, i trust geneza brand great reviews with quality products and great package Delivery in 10 days from order to delivery I Ordered nolva, clomid, anavar, winstrol Product results and effectiveness was...
  7. M

    Domestic supply

    first order in the books the products on here passed the authentication check online. After using them I was convinced this is high quality Communication & Ordering process was excellent Delivery & Packaging was good and came quick Products Ordered was dbol, proviron, nolva, test Product...
  8. T

    First time PCT advice

    I've used various enhancement compounds in the past, but some months ago decided to to a round of test. I had been taking some proviron for about a month, then tapered off once I started taking test E. Initially I frontloaded, 1cc @ 250mg for the first week, then backed down to 125mg for a...
  9. L

    Tip on my first cycle?

    Hey guys/gals, I’m new to this page and looking for some insight, maybe I need to make some changes to what I’m planning on taking. I’m 21, 5’7 167lbs 8-10% BF, been working out religiously since I was 15 but have only been dieting properly since I was 18. This is what my 10 week run will look...
  10. C

    Decent cutting cycle for a woman?

    So, I've done var only cycles. For reference I'm female. 5'1.5" 123# 16% bf. I have ran var only, ecy only, and clen only cycles. I'm 7 weeks out from figure. Right now I'm stacking var with ecy, but plan to drop the ecy and switch to clen a couple weeks out and add in nolva 3 weeks out and drop...
  11. S

    Ostarine and epistane

    First post here guys.. I am 28 was lifting naturally from 2006-2014. I competed in a few powerlifting comps at 75kg. I have torn my ACL and meniscus twice (playing soccer both times) first time they used my hamstring as a graft for my ACL (bad idea now). Then I re-tore again 2 years ago. I...
  12. R

    PCT Help for 14 Week Test E Only Cycle

    Brothers, I'm in week 13 of my 14 week Pharm Grade Test E Only Cycle. Please find stats below: Age: 33 Height: 6'4" Start Weight: 185 pounds Current Weight: 205 pounds Week 1-3: 250 mg Week 4-14: 500 mg Other Compounds: Propecia to prevent hair loss, Pharm Grade HGH which I just...
  13. X

    Please help with PCT

    Hey guys, I ran the following cycle: 1-6: Dbol 40mg/day 1-16: Test E (600mg/week) 6-16: NPP (450mg/week) My proposed PCT is: Clomid 75/50/25/25 Nolva 20/20/20/20 Post Cycle/Unleashed Combo(3 pills each) Ostarine 25mg Maca Tribulus I am set on running the Post cycle/Unleashed Combo. Where I...
  14. M

    Kaballero Labs

    Just curious if anyone has ever heard or used these labs before. I bought their 400ml test cyp, 25mg nolva, and 25mg aromasin. As far as I'm concerned the test is bunk, not sure if I should even bother with the orals.
  15. L

    Gyno & Nolva

    Hi Guys Been running 40mg anavar a day for 2 weeks now, after 3 days my nipples got really sore and sensitive - I'm very prone to gyno and have had it cut out before from puberty. Ive been running 40mg of nolvadex for a week now along with the var however the symptoms haven't subsided and still...
  16. M

    HELP! Where can I find clomid and nolva

    I'm gonna start a cycle soon and need comid and nolva for pct. Which websites are trustworthy?
  17. G

    Can you take Letro after taking nolvadex for pct?

    I finished a cycle on a mild PH called e-shred in December. I did my pct but during the month of febuary I felt some lumps under my nipples. So I started to take nolvadex to help. It has controlled the gyno somewhat, but I feel as if there will be a estro rebound once I get off the nolvadex...
  18. A

    Stop cycling after 5 days, pct needed? (Explained)

    Hey guys as title says I have decided to stop my cycle 5 days in due a few factors one main being a close family member passing away which was linked to steriods and being only 21 it's really put steriods into prospective at my age. So far I took 1 shot of test e 500 mg, and 30 mg of dbol for 5...
  19. A

    Whole cycle final check

    First cycle and I just want to make sure I'm not missing something vital this this every thing I'll be taking to the tee. Please pay close attention to pct as I'm not sure when I should take each item. I believe you suppose to separate your serm from your AI to prevent rebound gyno correct? Pre...
  20. A

    Buy Nolva online in Australia

    Hi guys Can anyone recommend a good site to buy Nolva online? Have scouted around and none of the sites I found seem to take MasterCard. Any advice would be appreciated
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