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    Innovative labs pro hormones?

    Has anyone tried any of the Innovative labs pro hormones they are selling now? I saw one called Helladrol but wasn't sure if it was the real thing. I use that years ago and had really good results, put on 10 lb and boost in my bench press by 35 lb. has anyone tried it yet it cost 60 bucks
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    Half a bottle of helladrol left... can I mix with other hdrol ph?

    Are all hdrol clones made equal? Cant buy helladrol anymore, dont want to waste what I have and want to do another hdrol six week cycle. So.... is it okay to get another hdrol clone and dose it the same? They *should* all be the same compound riiiight? :confused:
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    First time helladrol cycle + log + results

    Hey yall: This is my first time with AAS and I thought I would share my findings and experience with helladrol. Check back for updates! I plan on giving weekly updates, at the minimum. Lots of Elite Fitness members helped me out designing my cycle. Thanks! Helladrol: Hella 75/75/75/100/100/125...
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    Helladrol Cycle Log

    Hey everyone, figured I'd start my log of my Helladrol cycle now. I'm one week into it so far. Helladrol: 75/100/100/100/125/125 HCGenerate: 5 pills daily weeks 1-10 Forged Liver Support: 2 pills daily weeks 1-6 PCT: Forged PCT-haven't looked at dosing (but I do have it) Clomid: 25/25/25/25...
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    First PH cycle

    What's up fellas? Long time lurker, first time poster on the forum. As the title says, I'm looking to start my first PH cycle of Helladrol soon. Stats: Been lifting seriously 4-5 years Age:21 Height:6'3'' Weight:210 bf %: Around 12 Bench:340 Squat:350 Dead:440 Really looking for strength and...
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    Lgd-4033 vs Hdrol

    Hey guys just wanted to hear from some experienced guys, how would you compare the sarm Lgd-4033 to the ph helladrol. Mostly in terms of size, strength, feeling on cycle, suppressive/shutdown. Thanks for your input! :)
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    Helladrol 1st cycle help!!

    Hi i just joined the forum, been enjoying all the info and built my cycle based on all your helpful recommendations, anyways i decided to run my first ph and will run a 6 week helladrol cycle. Im 25 been lifting maybe 5 yrs but past 2 seriously non stop, 2 yrs ago was 225 pounds and now im 180...
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    First cycle- Helladrol

    Hey guys, I've been a guest in the Elite forums for awhile, finally made an account today. Wanted some advice on my first cycle. I'm 21, and I realize it's young to be getting into anabolics but a group of my friends/lifting partners (same age) just ran test e/anavar and blew up, so I'm...
  9. B

    My first SARMS cycle post PH

    Hey, Relatively new to the forum, but have always referred to the site and many others for great information. I have run a few Test and PH cycles prior to this. Just to clearly state I am not a cherry by any means, but I don't know everything so here I am. I'm 28 years old. Was a LEAN 201...
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    SARMS S4 Stacked with Helladrol

    Hello everyone! I'm back into supplementing my workouts with PH's and SARMS. I've gone down the Halotest roads with some improvement, but needed more from my PH. Question is, should I stack Helladrol with SARMS S4? The standard intake of Helladrol with 60-75 mg of SARMS added is what I'm...
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    check out my hella cycle tell me what you think?

    n2guard 2 weeks before i start helladrol 1-6 75/75/75/100/100/125 n2guard 1-6 am/pm 4 hours after helladrol hcgenerate es 2-6 am/pm forma stanzol 3-6 am/pm 12 hour split pct nolvadex 7-10 40/40/20/20 n2guard 7-10 am/pm phytoserms 7-10 am/pm forma stanzol 7-10...
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    Cycle Help

    I'm currently in the final stretch of a SARMS run, I have about 3 weeks left. I'm trying to plan out what I want to do next and I wanted to see what everyone else thought. I have never used anything other than SARMS. I'm really interested in trying a PH cycle. I'm thinking of trying Helladrol...
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    Help needed my first helladrol cycle!!!

    I am just getting ready for my first helladrol cycle and been doing a lot of research with mixed reviews. all help and input would be appreciated. im 30 years old and have been hitting weights off and on for about 10 yrs. 1 week n2guard prep helladrol 75/75/75/100/100/125 n2guard 1-6 turine as...
  14. P

    Helledrol cycle/gyno experiment I promise will be interesting

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum but I'm excited to be a part. sorry this will be long I've been doing a lot of research and I have decided to run a cycle of helladrol, specifically from mrsupps. I'll probably purchase the helladrol starter pack to save a little money and utilize the bulk...
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    M-Drol My old Friend

    Hello fellas, so since I have no clue how safe it is to order inject-able gear, and i dont feel like getting arrested, I've decided to try an old buddy of mine M-drol by CEL, i have ran this before under the suggestion of an old buddy i was in the service with, unfortunately for me neither one...
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    6 Weeks with HellaDrol

    Hey guys this is my HellaDrol Cycle, please feel free to share your input. I am currently finishing up week 3 and have put on about 5 lbs. I did initially want to run it at 75 all the way through but now I kind of want to pick it up to 100, what do you think? 25 years old 5'11" 198...
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    Newb needs advice on supplements vs steroids!

    Hello to everyone! I am a newbie and this is my very first post but I have been looking at this site and its forums and a while and am glad to be a part of it. First off I am active in the military and get randomly drug tested so please answer if you know anyting about that and if the...
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    Supplements vs steroids

    Hello to everyone! I am a newbie and this is my very first post but I have been looking at this site and its forums and a while and am glad to be a part of it. First off I am active in the military and get randomly drug tested so please answer if you know anyting about that and if the...
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    Legal sups vs AAS

    Hello all! First things first, I am a newbie and this is my first post ever. I have however been researching and looking on different forums for quite a while now and am coming to the pros for some real advice. I see most newbs getting hit pretty hard about cycle questions but I want to...
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    1st Helladrol cycle

    Wanted some help from the Veterans out there. 5'6" / 180 / 39 yrs. Deployed and am going to start a cycle of Helladrol. This is what it looks like: 1-6 helladrol 50/75/75/75/100/100 1-6 transaderm 1-6 n2gaurd 4-12 forma PCT 6-10 clomid 25/25/25/25 6-12 forma 6-12 ostarine 25mg e/d 6-12 DAA 5g...
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