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    Mixing sarms and other things

    I am a recreational drug user let's leave it at that would mixing sarms be safe? How bout doing 3 sarms at a time? RAD140 20mgs LGD4033 5 mgs GW cardarine 20mgs 12 week cycle I’m 5’8’’ 135 pounds Not sure on body fat but i’m skinny I have been training for about 3 months and...
  2. I

    Female Primo cycle

    I am a female and I'm excited to try Primobolan for the first time I'm 5 ft 5 in and I weigh around 140 lbs my goal is to drop body fat and also build some strength I am currently benching 90 pounds and my body fat is 24% where can I buy the real stuff and what dosage should I use
  3. L

    Safe dosages of GW cardarine?

    I'm 5 ft 7 in + 190 lb and I would like to run a GW cardarine cycle but want to do it as safely as possible My goals are to trim up. I’m currently 20% body fat and would like to get under 15% what is a safe dosage that I can run and what is the safest length of the cycle. Also if I come...
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    eating protein per day

    how much protein per day do we really need and please back itup with science, not just meathead theory right now I am getting 300+grams per day of protein. I’m taking 2 shakes, 2 chicken meals, a burger, and usually 1beef/steak meal. That is getting me 300g I’m growing but putting on a little...
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    what are the benefits of getting in fat in my diet?

    I always thought fat was bad and always picked foods that were no fat and low fat. What is the truth behind fat intake and how much of it do you get everyday? Also what are the best fats I should be eating, be specific with examples
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    best way to run NPP

    I am looking forward to getting NPPgoing I’m just mixed up in terms of whattestosterone to use with it I’m 6’2’’ 202 pounds 13% body fat what are the pros and cons of usingdifferent types of testosterone with it and I plan on doing this 12 weeks or sois that too long?
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    nothing works for fat loss

    I have tried everything to lose fat and every diet out there and I cannot seem to lose fat. I need your help. Does anyone on here have some tips for me? I currently weigh 260 pounds. For my height I should be at closer to 200. 12 years ago I weighed 210 pounds but haven’t had much luck since
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    major confusion with sarms

    I’m 33 years old tall guy who hassome chunk on him especially on my legs and midsection, my pecs are also prettyloose like bologna tits. Need a sarm stackthat will help burn fat and build muscle too. I look like crap and am tooembarassed to take my shirt off in front of people at the Y pool.
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    Steroids for flabby stomach

    I am currently doing a lot of training with a personal trainer and we are doing weights and we are also doing outdoor running 6 days a week. I take Sundays off I have a trouble spot around my stomach which has excess flab that I have a hard time getting rid of I know for females the stomach can...
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    Fat burner problems

    I went to the store and bought several different fat burners. I tried each of them and each time they made me sick and I wasn't getting any fat loss I guess my question is am I an outlier or is this normal for these products and what products do you recommend that actually work
  11. H

    female Winstrol stacking?

    is it crazy for a female to add in winstrol to her existing stack? my boyfriend was using 15 mg a day and he said that I should try it out at that dosage. he said it's safe for females too and will help me lose fat I'm currently 5 foot 2 180 lb I need to drop probably 30 or 40 lb and I'll be...
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    Albuterol in liquid form?

    What is the difference between using albuterol in pill form versus using it in liquid form. One of my girlfriends recommended I check out a chemical site that's sells liquid forms of these drugs. I was thinking of running Albuterol for 3 weeks because I want to burn some fat. My goal is to...
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    Pro hormones for cutting

    29 years old 5 ft 6 in 165 lb looking to try prohormones for the first time, I'm not ready for steroids so don't suggest them please. Which is the best prohormone that I can buy to help me with cutting down? my goal is to keep the same body weight but drop my body fat down to under 10%
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    Best cutting stack for sarms

    I'm 35 years old and I'm not in good shape. I will freely admit that. My body fat is around 32% and I just got it tested at the gym. My trainer said he can help me lose weight but I want to take something to help me push myself. What is the best cutting stack I can take for sarms that is safe...
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    Primobolan female dose

    28 years old 126 lb 5 foot 4 in I do a lot of track and field and need some help on what dosage of primobolan I should use and what my length of cycle should be. I want to gain some lean muscle mass and lose fat and gets faster on the track
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    Adding more weight to my lifts as a female

    I am five foot two and 115 lb. I have lost some weight over the past year and have dropped around 12 to 15 pounds. I've also lost strength in the process which was expected in okay. Looking to use anabolic steroids to help gain back some strength but not getting back to fat. Can you give me a...
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    Napsgear and fat loss

    I am 16% body fat and I'm desperate to get under 15%. Now before you criticize me two years ago I weighed over 400 lbs so I've worked hard to get my body fat down. I did a lot of fasting and haven't eating super clean. But now the hard part is getting even lower. Which steroids off napsgear...
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    Information on clenbuterol

    Just wondering if anyone on here has tried liquid clenbuterol before. I'm looking to do two weeks on and two weeks off to get some fat off my body. I have some stubborn fat in my thighs and in my stomach that I want to get rid of. the bottle came with a dropper and I'm not sure if I should...
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    Favorite cereals

    I was curious if any of you eat cereal even now as adults. I don't know about you but I grew up eating cereal I guess it was cheap and we'd always cut out coupons out of the newspaper. Now as an adult I've gone back to eating cereal again but I'm looking for the cereal that is healthiest that I...
  20. L

    Fat over muscle ?

    Hey I am a female I am 5 foot 2 inches and 145 pounds . I have been working out with weights for the past 6 months and have put on some muscle on my frame but it seems like I am getting bigger but not losing fat how do I get rid of the fat so that I only look like I have muscle? I want to use...