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  1. A

    building muscle without sides

    Please don’t lecture me on the dangers of steroids, I am ready and want to take the next step. I’m a female, 34 years old and in great shape for someone my age. My body fat is less than 20%. I want to take steroids but don’t want to get man-like features or grow a beard lol. 5’7’’ and 130...
  2. S

    too much fat from meat?

    I always track and weigh what I eat, that isn’t a problem at all and I live by what my food scale says. I am just curious about the fat content in meat. I am a hunter and always have plenty of meat on hand which I cook full bones and all in pots, slow cooking. Living in Arkansas I got access...
  3. 1

    just using RAD140

    I want to get some recomping done ahead of the spring as I will be getting back in the dating grind after a long marriage. I put on some fat while married dealing with all that stress of a divorce. Now that everything is done I am around 18% body fat which is higher than I have ever been. I am...
  4. X

    Insulin question, regarding carbs, timing and cycle. - Stats and information in post.

    Hi guys. So now that I’m 25. I decided that i want to give Insulin a go, more specific novorapid. Anyway I have a few question releated. I’m new at this side as a member, but I’ve been ready on the side for a decent amount of time. (I will post my cycle history and stats in the buttom – Don’t...
  5. B

    Advice on dbol, clen etc and fat cutting

    i weighed in at 262.8 today. im 6'2 and 21 years old my goal is to cut my weight down to 220 pounds. so roughly 40 pounds. now heres the thing, im 98% ready to start taking 10 mg of dbol per day, year round, with a week break every month. ive tried countless fat burners, the eca stack, different...
  6. J

    EC Stack questions

    1. Should I ever take EC more then 3 times in one day? 2. How many weeks on/off is the most optimal for weight loss? 3. 25mg E +200Caffeine 3 times a day?
  7. A


    Whats the deal with shipping Bronkaid or Primatene into Australia? My main area of concern is not it getting confiscated- its whether or not I am going to get a fine/ criminal record etc for shipping in a box of bronkaid. If anyone from Aus could tell me their experiences, that'd be great.
  8. Pipelaya25 have puffy nipples only now?

    Alright so you have just taken 1.25mg of letro ED for a month now and that painful nickle sized lump under both nipples is gone. Congratulations you are now rid of gyno!! Yes you dont have gyno anymore...but wait Pipelaya25 I still have puffy nipples. Isn't that gyno? Absolutely not... I am 20...
  9. L

    im 16% BF but people think im skinny and on heroin

    hey guys, So 2 years ago i got sick of being a skinny dude and went about building some muscle. I was clean from crack and brown now about 6 months and was already gaining some fat. I am what u would call a ectomorph that can gain fat but not muscle so easy. I became hooked to the iron game...
  10. A

    My Progress Fat to Ripped Insane Abs

    This my 2 year progress hope you all enjoy it heres the link: My 2 year Body Transformation Video - YouTube yalaN3hjEQ Never quit keep pushing hard
  11. C

    Need help please

    I just read the diet ckd 14 day was amazed but dont know if im ready for that so im seeking your expert guidance im 33yrs old male 6'1" bmi somewhere around 30% give or take and 300 lbs just started back boxing 6 weeks ago but weight only went down maybe 4 lbs so here in lies my problem i know...
  12. N

    New to steroids, need help please!

    Hey everyone. I've been thinking about tryni steroids for a long time, and recently just thought that i'd give it a go as I'm not pleased with my body. INFO: I'm 19 years old, 177 cm tall and weight about 76KG. I've got a "strong/wide" bone structure. I'm not sure what my body fat % is but...
  13. A

    Reps/Weight Issues

    I've been a little confused about some things. My current problem/goal is that I'm trying to lose fat from certain areas of the body, but I don't really want to build much muscle at all, just lose fat. So my problem is this: I had met with a personal trainer at my gym maybe 2 months ago and...
  14. 9

    Fat cutting cycle

    Hey Guys, Im a newbie to posts, and looking to get some advice on a new cycle. Its between doing a clen/anavar cycle or a test enanthate/anavar cycle. I have only done clen/t3 before with decent results, just dont want to mess around so much with t3 anymore. I have been lifting on and off...
  15. B

    Gain strength, Get ripped, At the same time!!

    ( I did my best to write this post in the best English i could do, Please don't flame me, I'm trying really hard to learn the languish! ) Hello Elite fitness, I made a new workout system to gain strength and cut weight. I've lifted weights before, so I can use a little muscle memory to help...
  16. J

    Too much hardgaining?

    Hey guys, I have been hard gaining for the last couple months and have gone from 143 pounds to 165. I'm 5'9 and I at least want to be up to 180 pounds. But the problem is I am getting a lot of fat around my mid section that I don't like. My question is what can I do about? Preferably I would...
  17. K

    Before and After pictures. Lost 50 lbs, now I need to gain some lean Muscle

    HI, My name is Cory im 20 years old and im going to college up in Chico, ca. So my first thread on this forum was about my need to loose weight. Im 6'4 i weighed 232 before i started my diet. the first month i lost 20lbs, the second month i lost a total of 30lbs, by month 3 i lost 40lbs. I am...
  18. R

    Fat Burners causing bloating or is it more fat?

    Hi, Guyz Im really concerned about my body lately! I've taken 'Fat Mobilisers' (Fat Burners) i do excercise ofcours iv been running etc and trying to have a better diet. I want to do cutting now because i have gained muscle and fat. the last 3 days my tummy is gone bigger, i know its not me...
  19. D

    What can I expect from my first Clenbuterol Cycle?

    Hi guys! :wavey: I have been reading up on all the information on the forum and just want to thank all of you for this excellent source for reliable information. Now to my question. I have obtained some clen in pill form and started the cycle last Friday. As suggested I started low and worked...
  20. cyrex

    Getting back into it. Where to get Ephedrine?

    So after the birth of my daughter, a shoulder injury and a knee injury I ended up losing a lot of hard work and ballooning up to about 340lbs (6'4") and around 33% body fat. I attribute the majority of my muscle loss and fat gain to an extremely inactive lifestyle and drinking soda. The rest of...