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Fat boy needs to lose weight


New member
I’m a bigger dude, who is probably fat to you
I’m 290 pounds and 5’10’’ . body fat is probably in the 30’s or 40’s
I need sarms to lose weight. Can i use GW 100mgs a day?
you can use it a million mgs a day if you want.. you ask "can you" as though you need permission.. you can do whatever you want whenever you want.. youre a gosh damn clown if you do run doses like that but to each their own.. the MAX you should run gw is 20 mg per day but like i said, you are free to do whatever you want.. only a fkng moron would run 100 mg of it per day
100mgs gw is crazy
20mgs cardarine and cardio
Man you need to quit trying to rely on peds and get on a diet. That’s is where you will see your most success.
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