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  1. D

    PED’s for fat loss females

    What are the best steroids or PED’s or supplements i can take to lose fat I'm 5 ft tall and 130 lb. My body fat is somewhere in the 20 to 25% area I have been training on and off for the past five years and I am 27 years old
  2. G

    Time to bulk with sarms

    I just watched my friend bulk up big-time using sarms and that made me motivated to do it myself my stats are 5 ft 8 in + 162 lb I'm about 14% body fat 26 years old been training for 5 years do you use yk-11 and he did 20 mg a day. What do you think about that amount?
  3. L

    Cardazol burns fat too?

    I have been on cardazol and on my 2nd bottle So far so good I am burning fat quickly Which is a surprise cuz I didn't expect this to happen is this normal to burn fat on it just trying to figure out if it has to do with more my diet and training or if the supplement is really that good
  4. P

    Meal supplements substitutions

    I'm looking for supplements that I can take with my meals to boost my protein intake and also help maybe with my carb intake is there anything also to increase your fat intake besides taking fish oil which gives me burps
  5. H

    Check out sarms stack

    182 lb and 5 ft 10 in. My body fat is around 18 or 19% I'm looking to add up some more muscle to my body but I also need to get my body fat down obviously what do you think about doing a gw cardarine and a rad 140 stack together? Should I do it for 20 weeks or should I do it for half that long
  6. F

    female needs more size

    I’m 42 years old 5’1’’ and 95 pounds my body fat is 17% which steroid do you recommend? Or do you recommend sarms too? I’m open to any suggestions.
  7. D

    2 stack sarms

    I’m 34 years old 5’9’’ 175 pounds 17% body fat I have a choice either using gw cardarine + rad140 GW cardarine + sr9009 or GW cardarine + yk11 out of those which works best for fat loss?
  8. S

    Trenbolone cycle and pct

    what is the best way to use Trenbolone if you want to recover the fastest? is it true that you should only run it a short amount of time or is that just broscience? I’m 5’9’’ 156 pounds and 8% body fat looking to shred up more maybe down to 5 or 6% body fat but also get more size on my frame
  9. JimAbs43 478 Using harsh Drugs like Clenbuterol and DNP for losing body fat. 478 Using harsh Drugs like Clenbuterol and DNP for losing body fat.
  10. T

    100mgs a day of anavar

    what would happen if I were to do just 100 mg a day of Anavar oxandrolone? I'm 28% body fat and 320 lb my friend said that I can cut down on the steroid and you said it's safe to use even if I'm fat I plan on using it but its expensive.
  11. M

    Tightening up stomach

    What is the best product you recommend to help me tighten up my stomach right now I have a 2 pack in the bottom parts of my abs are covered up with some fat looking for a supplement that can help get that remaining fat off. I don't have much fat on my entire body but just centered around there
  12. P

    next cycle for me

    I'm 6 ft tall and 180 lb over the past year I went from 225 down to where I'm at right now. In the process it seems like I've lost Muscle mass and I definitely lost a lot of strength I'm happy the way I look but I would like to put my size and strength back on but I don't want to put on fat in...
  13. A

    Solo ostarine run

    someone told me not to use ostarine mk by itself cuz it is too weak and you should stack something with it I'm always up for a challenge so I think I'm going to test this Theory out. if I run it by itself does this mean I should run it on a high dose? Maybe doing 100mg a day? My goals...
  14. C

    Question about LGD cycle

    I'm 5 ft 7 and I weigh around 175 lb my number one goal is dropping fat because I am too heavy for my height. I would like to get my body fat from 22% down to 15% I had a question if lgd-4033 was a good option for dropping body fat. If so what should I stack with it. I have enough of a...
  15. H

    Safest sarms

    what is the safest sarm stack to use for a guy who's been looking for a few years who just wants a little bit of an edge in the weight room I'm 5 ft 10 165 lb body fat is somewhere in the low teens I don't want to take anything that's going to give me side effects either on cycle or off
  16. K

    Fat intake matter while on sarms?

    I am a female posting here on this forum. need some help my full stats are 43 years ol5 ft 8 in 128 lb I am going to be running a sarms cycle my question was about fat intake. Should I reduce or increase how much fat I taken from my diet or does it not matter because the sarms would...
  17. E

    RPN Havoc pro

    I ran this product on a recommendation of a Blog on line. I used up 1 bottle over the course of 5 weeks. I was eating a lot and I gained a lot of size. But a lot of it was fat. I was under the impression that I should be losing fat on this product and I didn't anyone else with a similar...
  18. D

    Advice for my daughter

    my daughter is about five foot six inches and weighs about 180 lbs I'm trying to get her into better shape and she's willing to do it. The problem is her work is very sedentary and she doesn't move around much. I'm trying to get her in better shape but it's a struggle because she doesn't have...
  19. K

    Female injecting steroids

    I am an extremely lean female I’m 5’2’’ 98 pounds body fat is in the teens My question was about injecting steroids for the first time what are the best muscles to inject if you are a female who's really skinny no
  20. W

    Legit and legal sarms stacks

    What are the best legitimate and legal ways I can use sarms to my Vonage I’m 23 years old 5’10’’ 172 pounds and 17% body fat I have been training for 6 months and I'm looking for an edge I also don't want to get ripped off buying from a bad source and I don't want to get in trouble either as...