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    Higher dosage this time

    I’m gonna be more aggressive with my next steroid cycle Why not right? 25 years old 6’1’’ 180 pounds approximately 12% body fat My plan is trenbolone 50mgs per day. Tren ace* And i want to do test propionate with it. How much test should i do?
  2. A

    keeping my sarms stack >$500

    I’m looking to run a 12 week sarms cycle but don’t want it to cost more than $500 I’m 5’9’’ and 190 pounds. I want to lose some body fat, I’m around 20% I also want to gain some strength. Please advise me
  3. K

    Burn evolved fat loss

    What are you guys thinking about burn evolve fat burner? I was reading some reviews on how people were losing 20 to 25 lb on it a month and it seemed like a good idea The supplements also come with workout videos. It's about $100 just want to make sure it's worth the money before I buy it
  4. V

    Is RAD140 used by non pros?

    I'm in no way a professional bodybuilder or anything like that. I'm just on normal guy I'm currently benching 175 lb. My full stats are a modest 5 ft 8 in in 160 lb with 18% body fat I wanted to get on 25 mg a day of the rad 140 and I wanted to run in about 16 weeks do you think this is...
  5. L

    Sarms for speed

    6’ tall and i am a runner I weigh 184 pounds. 19% body fat I know i should lose some fat if i am gonna get faster. But will sarms help with speed with my stats too?
  6. P

    How to take injectables

    33 years old, 5’8’’ 166 pounds 15% body fat I’ve done oral only cycles but never injectables and I’m scared I’m looking at using testosterone cypionate What else should i add with it? What types of ancillaries would work? Looking to drop body fat and gain strength
  7. D

    Using 2 steroids this time

    my first two cycles I only use one steroid this time I want to Stack two together which ones would work best you think and have the best Synergy together? I really want to use trenbolone. So if i were to try tren which steroid works good? I want to keep sides low and i’m 33 years old, 5’5’’...
  8. M

    S23 works with GW?

    my goals are to have overall better physique I kind of let myself go a little bit I have a little belly on me I probably around 18% body fat which is embarrassing 40 years old and 5’9’’ My friend suggested stacking g.w. cardarine 20 mg a day along with S23. would those two stack good...
  9. M

    Female hard muscles?

    I saw a lady today at the gym would really hard muscles I'm curious what do you think she is taking? I’m currently 165 pounds and 5’8’’ . no clue on body fat probably 30% based on online images I’m very soft with muscles. I want to drop some fat need some recommendations please
  10. J

    Time for winstrol ?

    I was on here with a different handle a year ago and was told to cut down before i use winstrol Okay so I did it. Went from 126 kg down to 105 kg. My body fat is around thirteen or fourteen percent 35 years old‘ how do I use Winstrol now? I want to cut down further and get leaner?
  11. D

    70 year old sarms stack

    I’m 70 years old and looking at sarms I weight train a couple times a week and am on TRT 150mgs a week 6’1’’ and 145 pounds with low body fat My goals are to get leaner and stronger Which sarms would work best for me?
  12. C

    stacking sarms for fat reduction

    my goals are fat reduction purely I’m 27 % body fat 249 pounds I’m in my mid 40’s I want to run something to help burn fat but also that is safe to use I have high blood pressure and anemia. It is hard to have energy sometimes
  13. K

    big guy willing to cut down with sarms

    never tried sarms before never thought I would use them. Not my cup of team however read some success stories of people who have cut down I’m 5’5’’ and 210 pounds with 25% body fat and 28 years old I want to get leaner which sarms would work for me? Need 2 good ones
  14. H

    longest I can run this stack?

    I know you all want to know stats so here goes: 5’10’’ lean. 8% body fat and around 182 pounds, 52 years old What is the longest I can run this stack? Trenbolone enanthate 250mgs a week testosterone enanthate 300mgs a week anavar 40mgs a day
  15. S

    Sarms for $200

    What is the best way to get a cycle and post cycle of sarm's going for less than $200? I’m right now 5’8’’ and 165 pounds 24 years old and like 20% body fat or so A year ago i was 140 pounds, i have bulked up a lot I guess i bulked up too much too fast cause i want to cut back down
  16. E

    Bulking vs. cutting on tren

    I saw on a video that Trenbolone is good for both bulking and cutting I was wondering how that could be since if you are taking it then it will do what you want it to do If i were to dose it higher would that mean it bulks better? or does that have nothing to do with it? never used it...
  17. D

    PED’s for fat loss females

    What are the best steroids or PED’s or supplements i can take to lose fat I'm 5 ft tall and 130 lb. My body fat is somewhere in the 20 to 25% area I have been training on and off for the past five years and I am 27 years old
  18. G

    Time to bulk with sarms

    I just watched my friend bulk up big-time using sarms and that made me motivated to do it myself my stats are 5 ft 8 in + 162 lb I'm about 14% body fat 26 years old been training for 5 years do you use yk-11 and he did 20 mg a day. What do you think about that amount?
  19. L

    Cardazol burns fat too?

    I have been on cardazol and on my 2nd bottle So far so good I am burning fat quickly Which is a surprise cuz I didn't expect this to happen is this normal to burn fat on it just trying to figure out if it has to do with more my diet and training or if the supplement is really that good
  20. P

    Meal supplements substitutions

    I'm looking for supplements that I can take with my meals to boost my protein intake and also help maybe with my carb intake is there anything also to increase your fat intake besides taking fish oil which gives me burps
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