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  1. N

    geneza pharma test prop is solid

    I will recommend you use geneza pharma going forward. they are an outstanding brand to run and I respect them. Been using their testosterone propionate for the past 4 weeks. Got bloods drawn to see where my numbers were at. Not using an AI but I will start. My free test is through the roof along...
  2. J

    how do you use anti estrogens for benefits?

    I’m curious to hear how I can use anti estrogens on a steroid cycle for an advantage? Using tren, winstrol and sustanon on this current stack. Doing 300mgs tren, 50mgs winstrol and 500mgs sustanon. Its a really good mix I am on. Getting some fluid gains but feel like my estrogen is too high. How...
  3. T

    estrogen still off in bloods need help

    I did 6 weeks of anavar at 50mgs a day and I added test cyp after 3 weeks on. Since then been on 250mgs a week of test and kept my anavar the same dose. Problem is I just got bloods done and my estrogen is in the 80’s. I was under the impression that anavar would take care of the estrogen. What...
  4. Z

    big EQ cycle!@

    I’m a big time gym rat. I go every chance I get 40 years old 6’ tall and 190 pounds I’m going to be running a big equipoise cycle and I need your help I have ran it before and it was only at 400 mg a week now I want to go 800 mg a week looking to stack 250mgs a week testosterone questions are...
  5. M

    why is my progesterone high but estrogen is not?

    I’m doing sustanon 2CC’s per week. 500Mg, total. I’m also using ½ a pill of adex 2-3x per week I went and got blood work done and my estrogen levels were in the mid 30s which is normal. However, my progesterone was high. Any idea why this would happen?
  6. Z

    Should i fear NPP and test for estrogen issues?

    28 years old, 6’1’’ 176 pounds Love deca and NPP. used it multiple times. Make me feel good and enhances appetite Was curious to hear your experiences with running a high dose of NPP and testosterone Was aiming for 750mgs of each for 9 weeks for a next cycle I'm just not sure what kind of...
  7. R

    Need some estrogen help with bloods

    So i’m using masteron propionate for the first time and my estrogen came back really high, near 100 when it usually is around 25 off cycle I’m currently doing the masteron at 150mgs E3d along with testosterone prop at 250mgs twice a week I don't have any symptoms of gyno or any itchy nipples or...
  8. themuscle98

    How long for Nolvadex to kick in?

    What’s up fellas! Kind of an urgent situation I am 4 weeks out of my show today, and I’ve recently developed gyno the past couple of weeks. I told my coach and when he saw how noticeable it was( because even I didn’t realize until I was in a posing studio) he cut me test down and upped the...
  9. B

    Winstrol cycle that is simple

    I'm looking for something that doesn't convert to estrogen and can help lean me out more I'm down to 7.5% body fat and I'm 5 ft 8 in + 176 lb. 38 years old I'm interested in using Winstrol what do you think about doing 20 mg for two weeks than up in the dosing to 25 mg for four more weeks
  10. I

    Normalizing my blood work

    I'm currently 5 weeks off of cycle and 1 week from my post Cycle Therapy problem is I got blood work done in a lot of things are off still My total test levels are only in the 300s My LH is around 3 And my estrogen is still 5 points above the max. what supplements am I supposed to be taking...
  11. R

    blasting 500mgs of gear

    I’m in my mid 40’s I am currently on around 100mgs of testosterone for my TRT I want to blast. If I were to blast 500mgs of test would my doctor know what I am doing? And secondly do I need some sort of anti estrogen with it or no?
  12. G

    PSL a pleasure to do business guys

    Big shoutout to mobster and vision who steered me right on my current cycle with PSL Vision was there to help expediate my shipping I was able to get my package fast. I had screwed up and not ordered an anti estrogen but they were there to make sure I got it in record time. Again thank you so...
  13. N

    Not happy with my cycle so far

    I am running my first single ever and I'm doing 600 mg a week of testosterone only I'm also running some aromasin with it to keep estrogen in check. I know my gear is legit because I ran blood work my main complaint is I'm not getting the kind of gains I was expecting for a first cycle. I was...
  14. J

    Bloodwork concerns, need tips

    I just got done running a 12-week cycle of testosterone and equipoise I'm not going to run a post Cycle Therapy and I'm just going to go straight TRT I’m 30 years old 6’2’’ 220 pounds my bloodwork concerns are as follows My LH is .6 and my FSH is .4, very low Also my estrogen is high, it...
  15. 4

    do sarms need anti estrogen

    I have a friend of mine who ran a cycle of sarm's. He said that he ran lgd 4033 and something else he didn't remember. The problem is he said he started to get estrogen issues and nipple irritation. I've been doing some reading and years ago people would say you always need an anti estrogen...
  16. JimAbs43 Episode 431 Steroid Cycle review and low estrogen problems. Episode 431 Steroid Cycle review and low estrogen problems.
  17. M

    Blood work sorted before sarms

    I'm 45 years old 6 foot tall 92 kg I have lgd 4033 and I'm going to run it at 20 mg a day for 12 weeks I got my blood work done though and there's some issues my estrogen came in a little high and my total testosterone came in just in the 200s. Do you recommend I try to get things normal lines...
  18. C

    Primbolan cycle and estrogen?

    In your experiences does primobolan do anything to help with estrogen on cycle. I am currently running 500 mg a week of primobolan along with 200 mg of my testosterone trt dosage. I'm noticing some joint issues and fatigue on cycle that has come on. Wondering if I crashed my estrogen too low
  19. H

    Estrogen supplements

    I went to the doctor and got my hormone panel done and he said that I had high estrogen levels but he said that he would not write me a script for an anti estrogen because he said it was not high enough and he didn't want to crash my estrogen. Do you have any suggestions for a supplement that is...
  20. 2

    How much anti-estrogen do I need

    I am getting a little worried about my cycle that I am just started and worried that I may have some estrogen issues that are creeping up on me. I just started my cycle of 300 mg a week of testosterone I'm also running some anavar/oxandrolone at 50mg a day. my nipples are feeling a little...
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