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  1. bringingthewood

    What is the best OTC Anti Estrogen?

    How's it going? My gyno is starting to flare up on HGH and a supplement that lowers SHBG. I just started formastanazol. Are there any powerful over the counter, anti estrogen stacks that you know of? Thanks!
  2. L

    Highest test dose you have ever run?

    Did you run an AI? Which one? Would you ever do it again?
  3. Discreet User

    Bleeding Nipples: Anyone Else?

    This has now happened to me on two separate cycles. Once I go lower than 3mg of Arimidex per week my nipples begin bleeding lightly when I towel off after a shower. This has happened on 1.5mg of Arimidex per week, and once I up the dose to 3mg the bleeding stops within a few days. I have also...
  4. Discreet User

    What is your on-cycle Arimidex Dosage? EVERYONE VOTES

    What is your on-cycle Arimidex Dosage and schedule?
  5. S

    Gynocomastea Question!!! Need Help!!

    I have taken 3 cycles in the past, always taking anabolics like sustanon and test-e, never deca - to avoid progesterone and prolactin gyno. I know with anabolics you can use an AI like arimidex or aromasin and PCT with nolvadex or clomid. I have had small lumps in my breast before but have...
  6. P

    Ordering Bloodwork for test and related hormones

    Hello all , I was just curious what are the names for the specific blood tests for total test (free/bound) , prolactin, estrogen, the whole schabang. I am leaving the country and want to get the bloodwork done before I leave. Thank you in advance for all repplies and i apologize if this...
  7. C

    Why am i so succeptable to estrogen.

    Whats up guys, I need some help here. I am been off gear for a couple years and have had to use an 5%cream (test) just to get my levels back up. I dont live in a great area for docs so there may/have been a better solution. But when i use the cream I use anastzole(1mg) 3 times a week with it...
  8. H

    pre and post supplement therapy

    I am about to go on summer break and am going to dedicate the 10 weeks i have to bodybuilding as much mass as possible in this time. I have purchased some HGH and testoseterone builders, but am told by a friend that it is necessary to give my body some pre and post therapy in order to some the...
  9. G

    1st cycle, 1st week prostate issues

    hey everyone, Like the title says, this is my first cycle and I'm having some prostate issues. I haven't posted or contributed here,((avid reader)but I would be eternally grateful if anyone can help a brother out. I really did a ton of research over the years; i've wanted to try AAS ever since I...
  10. V

    New to HGH & have Q. about whey protein

    Newbie question. 40 y.o. and just started taking hgh (2iu) and anastrozole to get lean. I know the anastrozole is to block estrogen since the receptors more active, but while I'm on this regimen i was told not to take whey protein, prohormones or androstatins b/c they can cause estrogen to...
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