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  1. L

    Blocking estrogen with supplements

    I was watching YouTube and the guy was on their ranting about how we should always take anti estrogen supplements and he had a supplement that he was selling with a discount code. Is this guy just trying to sell supplements or does he have a point that we should keep her estrogen levels low
  2. C

    PCT after sarms

    I did a small rad-140 cycle and my testosterone is suppressed. The weird thing is is LH and FSH actually went up but my test levels are still a bit low. is it necessary for me now to run nolvadex to stimulate those hormones even though they're up high. Also when I got blood work done before...
  3. A

    Balancing estrogen on cycle

    what are the tricks to balancing estrogen on cycle when you are new to steroids. I'm 5 foot 10 in, 240 lb, and 18% body fat. I'm running 500mg a week of testosterone cypionate, doing two injections a week along with a quarter mil mg of Arimidex every other day. do you think my estrogen might be...
  4. D

    Supplement to replace aromasin

    I am trying to get away as much as I can from running drugs. I do suffer from a lot of estrogen rebound after cycle instead of using aromasin and spending all that money on it I was wondering if there was a natural supplement I could use instead to help control estrogen. The such a thing exists
  5. R

    Estrogen 4 women

    Do women need to use estrogen on cycle like men need to use estrogen blockers on cycle ? I dated a guy who you steroids and he bloated up and had problems with estrogen so he had to take an estrogen blocker. As a woman do I have to do the opposite and cover myself since we need estrogen in our...
  6. M

    controlling estrogen

    29 years old 6 foot 230 pounds 21% body fat I’m on 350mg of testosterone Enanthate a week. I would like to know how to control estrogen while on this stack. Is arimidex or aromasin the recommended one to use? Thanks
  7. D

    estrogen problems on cycle?

    Lately I have been having some mental issues. Getting very angry for little things, jealous over everything and feeling depressed. I feel like I am having estrogen issues. I am doing 300mg of testosterone with deca durabolin 400mg and EQ Boldenone 300mg a week. I watched a video about high...
  8. T

    arimidex? during 16 wk cycle, >2000 mg AAS/wk. help required.

    hi, stats: 1.75m, 79 kg, <10%BF, age 39. will start below cycle for lean bulking by new year: week 1-4, 9-12: anapolan 50 mg. week 1-16: sustanon 750 mg week 1-16: primobolan 1000 mg. week 1-16: proviron 50 mg. week 1-16: nolvadex 20 mg. week 2-16: 200IU X 2 HCG. week 17-24: PCT protocole...
  9. R

    Dianabol help

    Hi. I'm 26 been going to the gym and bulking for about 5 years. I'm new to steroids and recently purchased some dianabol. I've tried to do a lot of research before hand but not really getting anywhere. I'm going to start on about 20-30mg a day for 4-6 weeks.. I want to know if I should take any...
  10. DocToxin8

    Using ESTROGENs (not only SERMs) on cycle

    I'm wondering if anybody else have pondered about using estrogens during cycle. This is not something that would apply to many steroid users, but for those that stay ON for most or ALL the time, and have had gyno surgery so bitch tits is impossible, Could in theory use estrogens on cycle...
  11. L

    Possible High Estrogen/Low T after Bad Cycle: HELP!

    Hey Guys, New to the Forum and want to thank you in advance for your time, guidance and feedback/suggestions/recommendations as I'm battling a very aggravating issue: Almost sudden (within a week time) I loss most of my muscle mass/definition and have seen a dramatic increase in fat and chest...
  12. Discreet User

    Arimidex (Anastrazole) dosage on cycle

    Please choose from the multiple choice options or comment below.
  13. J

    Estrogen rebound?

    Hi guys! Been reading up lately about estrogen rebound some people get after pct? Or after running letro or arimidex at high dosages? Has anyone ever experieced it?? Some people experien e it while running Nolva ON cycle? Would a AI like aromasin be better on cycle? Wjy run Nolva on cycle...
  14. D

    Aromasin Raising My Estrogen?

    First time ever posting on an AAS forum, long time lurker. Here's my problem, aromasin seems to have raised my estradiol level rather than drop it. I got my blood tested a few weeks after PCT and this was the result: (Being a Canadian, bloodwork is tricky, going off what i could record)...
  15. M

    Does anyone know about hormone levels? I got my blood test results back

    About 1 year ago I ran 500mg of Test Cyp for 8 weeks stacked with 40mg tbol and 10mg of var for 6 weeks along with aromasin on cycle. And 5 1/2 months ago (last summer) I ran 10 mg of tbol a day for 4 weeks, I'm an easy gainer. I ran a pct (nolva/clomid) for both cycles but now, about 6 months...
  16. M

    Unusual erection issue with TestE

    New to the forum, but I have been lurking for a while. Prior to my cycle I had my bloods done, all was normal. I'm 39, been in the gym for over 20 years. 6'1 209 (prior, now 216), 8% BF. Did a short cycle in my mid 20's of Deca and Dbol. Nothing since. Just started a new cycle - 500MG Test E...
  17. R

    Toremifene on cycle and as PCT

    I've been reading these forums for years but I have never felt like I had something legitimate enough to share until now. On previous cycles I have used Nolvadex, Clomid, Nolvadex and Clomid, Toremifene and all the above with and without HCG prior for my pct. I now only use toremifene because...
  18. T

    Tren eq test blast! Gyno from eq?? Or fake Tren?

    Hey guys so normally I run my trt prescribed dose of test cyp 400 mg per week with 1mg adex a day to cruise well it's time to blast and cut for summer and I'm running into a problem. For my cycle I'm changing to test prop here is my cycle 100mg EOD test prop 150mg EOD tren ace 600mg per week...
  19. yunusmile

    I met a tranny, serious question

    i met a transexual who has been using estrogen shots since childhood. she was born as a male and after shots her body transformed into %100 female. she has natural breast and hourglass shape body. she even said her feet got smaller after using it . i asked her what she uses for pct she said she...
  20. Discreet User

    Too early for gyno symptoms...

    I'm 7 days into my Test C 600mg/wk + Anavar 25mg/day cycle. Have not taken any ancillaries so far. Is it too early to be noticing gyno symptoms? Nips are a bit itchy, but it could all just be in my head... I usually use an AI from the start, but decided to wait and see if I noticed any...
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