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  1. F

    14 week Test cyp 500mgs cycle, need help!!!

    12 week Test cyp 250mgs cycle, need help!!! starting my test cyp cycle in a week or so. want peoples advise on the cycle. (250mgs about every 4 days) wut shud my dosage b? Have 2 10ml viles. going to run liquidex during to keep bloat down and arimidex for PCT. Hows it sound? should i get...
  2. L

    SD matrix and Arimidex

    Ok here goes. About 8 months ago I had taken a course of SD Matrix (people know this a the Tren Bomb replacement). This was my first an only course of steroids. I had only taken this for a month (well 2 weeks on 2 weeks off 2 weeks back on). I can't lie my gains were awesome! Strength went...
  3. D

    How I killed my gyno in one day

    Hi, everyone. First post. Hope it helps. So, I'm in the middle of my first cycle. After some dabbling with my test dosage, I settled on 250mg sus/wk. Then I added 100mg NPP every 5 days, then after that threw in 200mg Tren E/wk. It's been three weeks of the Tren now and last week I started on...
  4. S

    Clomid Nolva Arimidex… too much for a Dianabol PCT?

    Yeah another one of them threads. Oral only, I thought I had it sussed. But reading that some of the much bigger cycles have smaller PCTs, I’m scratching my head… Dbol – 30/40/40 /40/40/50 mg ED Arim – 0.5mg whilst on dbol only (EoD) Clom – week 7: day 1 200mg, next 12 days 50mg ED Nolva –...
  5. M

    Clomid + Arimidex HRT STILL LOW LIBIDO (Any help would be much appreciated)

    Hey guys so i went to the endo because i just had no libido period or morning wood. my test was only 410 and my estrogen was 130 so he put me on Clomid 50mg per day and arimidex at 1mg per day. its been 18 days and i went in for blood tests Testosterone 1220 Free 291 Percent: 2.4 Sbgh 37.1 Lh...
  6. zsimpson22

    Test e; first cycle

    So my plan for my first cycle is it's going to be 10 weeks and go like this: Test e 400 mgs a week, split into bi weekly shots on Monday and Thursday. Arimidex on cycle .5 mg EOD After last shot, wait two weeks After two weeks start 4 week pct: Nolva 40/30/20/20 and also milk thistle to help...
  7. T

    cycle advice - opinion - help

    im 1.70cm 72kg 10-12%fat 10 years training and my goals is 5 kg lean muscle this is my first cycle going to run dianabol and test e 1-8 test e (testoviron) 250mgx2 e/w 1-4 dianabol (danabol ds) 30mg e/d 1-8 proviron 50mg e/d? ---- 1-10 arimidex 0.50mg or 1mg eod? ---- 4-10 pregnyl...
  8. T

    dianabol testoviron cycle need advice and your opinion

    hello this is my first post sorry for my english im trying my best :) im 30 years old weight 72 kg and 1-70 height with 10-12% fat this period (in summer im verry low).im lifting about 6 years and i also im triathlete from the age 20 .before 20 i was cycling running swimming in defferent...
  9. P

    Arimidex after a 10 week sus 250 cycle

    HI, i am about to finish a 10 week cycle of 1ML per week of sus 250 and 1ML of Tes. I have had good results and no side effects, i have some Arimidex and havnt started taking it yet. Should i start taking it after the cycle, how much and how long for. Its the liquid type from...
  10. M

    Gyno - Letro/ clomide/ nolvadex/ d bol

    I took d bol 25 mg ed. they were 5 mg pills. i had 200 total so do the math how long i took it for. my buddy screwed me over on the off cycle so i didnt take one till a month after i was off. liquidex hasent gotten rid of my gyno, and i had half a bottle of clomide that i took. i now have...
  11. F

    Test Cyp, Tri Tren, Var cycle advice...

    I'm getting ready to start this cycle this week. I would just like some feedback. Thank you. My history, 29 yrs old, 5'9", 165lbs, 8% BF. Over the last 2.5 years I have taken "over the counter" Tren before it was banned, Var after, Test Cyp and Deca cycle (low dose for joints mainly), Riptropin...
  12. W

    Second Cycle

    I'm about rady to start planning my second gear cycle. My last cycle was 10 weeks of 250mg E3D Test-E, followed by one week of 40mg Nolva, then 3 weeks of 20mg nolva. I wound up getting a solid 7-10 lbs muscle from that first one. I had Arimidex on my plan at .25mg EOD, but I ran into...
  13. Slim12

    TBOL and AI/Serm Use

    Hello. I was asked this question at the gym yesterday, and did not really know the answer; so I thought some input from experienced users would help. Question: If someone who is gyno prone, is taking four (4) weeks of TBOL only, could they take an AI such as A-Dex or Aromasin OR...
  14. A

    Need help! Nolva question.

    Hey bros, 3 weeks into my first cycle and I started noticing that my nips were hard ALL the time. I was checking them constantly and I think I made them a little sensitive b/c of that. I have been running Test Cyp at 250/2x a week and hcg at 250iu/2x week. Also been on .5 of A-dex EOD since...
  15. Discreet User

    Bleeding Nipples: Anyone Else?

    This has now happened to me on two separate cycles. Once I go lower than 3mg of Arimidex per week my nipples begin bleeding lightly when I towel off after a shower. This has happened on 1.5mg of Arimidex per week, and once I up the dose to 3mg the bleeding stops within a few days. I have also...
  16. Discreet User

    What is your on-cycle Arimidex Dosage? EVERYONE VOTES

    What is your on-cycle Arimidex Dosage and schedule?
  17. Discreet User

    Update on my DHT/Gyno Issues-Member Appreciation

    On July 20th 2010, I started a thread about gyno symptoms I was experiencing. This is the link to that thread: At that time I had no idea what was going on, as I'm only on 400mg a week Test...
  18. Discreet User

    Should I Increase Arimidex Dosage?

    Bros, I'm in week 3 of my 10 week Test Cypionate only first cycle, 400mg/week. Started arimidex at .5mg EOD in week 2. Also taking propecia 1mg ED. I notice itchy nipples after my morning shower. Today I noticed a slight pain under my right nipple. Worried about gyno... Should I increase my...
  19. Discreet User

    Critique my First Cycle

    Going to keep this post very short. FIRST CYCLE Weeks 1-10 400 mg/week Test Cypionate 1 mg/day Propecia ran through PCT 2-10 .5 EOD Arimidex 3-10 250 iu 2 days per week HCG - PLEASE PROVIDE OPINIONS STILL UNSURE ABOUT HCG PCT 12-16 Nolvadex 10mg ED - I am willing to up dose if...
  20. Discreet User

    Pharmaceutical Grade First Cycle - Please Help!

    Please read this entire post before commenting Serum testosterone 205 ng/dl out of 280-800 reference interval. I did this by fasting and not sleeping for 30 hours before the blood test. Doctor wrote me the following scripts: testosterone Cypionate 200mg per week Arimidex 1mg tablets Propecia...
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