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  1. D

    Proviron vs Arimidex vs Nolvadex during test cycle

    What do u guys say will be most effective against water retention and gyno for a beginners cycle of test-e 500mg/week? Or what is the best stack combination?
  2. A

    Vets need your help, Test Cyp Gyno?????

    Have done research for the last 1.5 months and am getting conflicting info. Starting 7 week cycle of 400 mg/week Test Cyp with 7 weeks off followed by 8 week cycle of 600 mg/week Test Cyp. I am a first time user and am very concerned about gyno. Have read tons of posts on here and articles...
  3. A

    ***AG - Special + 5% off + Xplosive Burn DISCOUNT + 3 pack fat loss***

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  4. A

    Testosterone-Cypionate and arimidex

    Hello all just have a few questions if you dont mind lending some opinions... I have been a natural body builder for about 7 years now.. I know yall are gunna want some stats so here it is.... 5'10 190 pounds solid probably about 10 percent body fat 17 inch arms.. diets very clean...... Im...
  5. W

    Andropen 275 and winstrol

    Week 1-10: Andropen 550mg/ew Week 1-4: Oral Winstrol 50mg/ed do i have to worry about using adex with this cycle...ive heard if u use winstrol with test u dont have to worry about sides like this true??
  6. wolfman87

    Aromasin VS. Arimidex

    which is better and why do you think so?:)
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