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  1. G

    Arimidex alternative?

    Hey guys so Im buying all the things and Arimidex is insanely expensive. Any specific brands or alternatives a bit more cost efficient?
  2. R

    Major help with TRT

    Hello, 44 years old 195lbs. 15% bodyfat. Currently on 250mg a week test cyp for TRT.. Ran a few cycles in the past but not while on TRT. Very strong and muscular with moderate vascularity. Only complaint would be mid section tends to look bloated on occasion and real have to diet for abs to be...
  3. Discreet User

    Arimidex (Anastrazole) dosage on cycle

    Please choose from the multiple choice options or comment below.
  4. G

    Blood test with High estrodial

    hello , i started a cycle with 100 mg test prop EOD with anavar 40 mg a day during week 4 i started feeling tired and water retention increased along witb decreased libido so i added arimidex at .5mg EOD with 50 mg proivron daily and stopped.the var this cured the problem then at week 7 i...
  5. X

    Test E / tren E - advice on gyno.

    250mg test E + 200mg tren e /week + 0.5 arimidex every day. 3 weeks in, almost over night I get a hard lump underneath my left nipple. (Size of a small coin) Could this be prolactine gyno? If yes: is it enough to just drop the tren, or do I need something else to reverse it. Been taking...
  6. M

    Dzine and Arimidex?

    I finished a tren/test/winny cycle about 8 months ago, used clomid as my pct, ran it for 4 weeks and still have a bit of gyno left over, just minor puffy nipples, nothing crazy. I just started a 4 week dzine cycle, would it hinder my progress if I ran arimidex for 4 weeks at the same time as a...
  7. M

    200mg Test C. How much arimidex? Please Help

    I need some opinions please! So my doctor prescribed me 200mg test cypionate a week for 2 months just because he thought it would help me gain muscle and not be so tired all the time since i have a lot of fatigue and my test levels were at 450. He also prescribed me arimidex 1mg a day. Ive been...
  8. N


    So this is going to be my third cycle and im about to start in a month and I'd like to ensure all my gear is proper and good to mix. I'm 26 years old 6 foot 170. Here's my cycle. week 1-4 sustanon 200 deca 150 week 5-10 sustanon 350 deca 250 week 11-12 sustanon 200 deca 150 week 10-14 Anavar...
  9. C

    Advice needed for beginner cycle for crossfit

    Hi all, long time lurker first time poster. I'm just hoping to get some advice on doing a beginner cycle for crossfit as I would like to take my training to the next level. I train on average 6 times a week, sometimes twice a day. I do crossfit out of enjoyment and would just like to become...
  10. R

    PCT advice

    Finished a 12 week cycle Dbol week 1-4 35 mg ED Deca week 1-12 400 mg/week Test E week 1-8 600 mg/week Sustonon week 8-12 600 mg/week (order fuck up) and I rolled into another 12 week cycle of: Tren 150 mg on MWF Test Prop 150 mg on MWF (tren and test prop blend) Equipoise 400 mg/week I'm...
  11. T

    Arimidex needed on a Test and Mast cycle?

    Hello Currently entering the third week of a 450 Test enan + 300 Mast a week cycle. I've always had Arimidex on hand just incase i get any gyno sides. The thing is i already have slight gyno from puberty and am unsure if it is getting worse. Im not getting any pain or sensitivity at the...
  12. B

    HELP! Unknown cause of erectile dysfunction

    Male 25 (I know on the younger side, so you don't have to remind me) 195lbs, 9%bf...I'm pretty lean Training for 10 years+ now at 5-6 days/week First cycle at 22 (young I know again) Diet: not perfect but not terrible. I will admit that I have been slacking majorly on the cardio (which idk if...
  13. S

    Fake arimidex?

    Hey everyone, A friend of mine who's known for getting good gear, got me some arimidex. I didn't have to pay for it so I don't know why he would lie, but there's no markings on them, and he gave me a ziplock bag full. He said they're from his own stash, and that they're generic 1mg. Anyone...
  14. steveff

    Formastanzol vs. Adex/Aromasin/etc...?

    Formastanzol or Adex/Aromasin/etc...? Not trying to make a huge thread out of this, just want a few veteran opinions before I snag some things for my next cycle. Doing a little research/ shopping around for my next cycle and I was specifically looking at the new GK Oxandrovar or Primobol Dex...
  15. N

    Low dose test cyp, PCT with clomid/adex?

    So I'm getting my cycle set up, and am planning on doing 200-400mg/week test cyp for 12-16 weeks, and have liquiclom and liquidex on hand, but wondering how I should dose them? I see a lot of people say not to run adex for PCT and only while "on"? And also heard not to run clomid while "on" and...
  16. L

    ED or EOD?!

    Sup people! I registered with elite fitness just to ask you guys a stupid question that I have been searching for but yet to find. I'm starting my 2nd cycle of test e and will be using Adex this time round at .25 eod. If I'm pinning Mondays and Thursdays, when is every other day? lol And...
  17. Lou Super Man 123

    Arimidex dose on a Test prop vs Test Enanth

    Is there any difference in Arimidex dose when you are doing a cycle of Test propionate alone at 100 mg EOD that when you are doing Test enanth alone at 500 mg a week?
  18. U

    Gyno advice needed - Dianabol

    4 months ago I tried my first steroid cycle. I planned to run 30mg dianabol ed for 6 weeks. However after 8 days I started to get signs of gyno (itchy nipples, soreness). I didn't do Anything straight away but after day 10 I started to notice my nipples were puffy, more so my right one. I ceased...
  19. Lou Super Man 123

    Critique my monocycle of Test E 500 @ week

    Hey guys, how you doing? Liam here, this is my first thread, I'm posting my data so you can critique my cycle and plan. I have some questions too, hopefully some of you guys can help me with that too. I'm being as specific as I can ---Info--- -Age = 26 -Height = 6’2’’ -Weight = 220 -Bodyfat =...
  20. T

    Tren eq test blast! Gyno from eq?? Or fake Tren?

    Hey guys so normally I run my trt prescribed dose of test cyp 400 mg per week with 1mg adex a day to cruise well it's time to blast and cut for summer and I'm running into a problem. For my cycle I'm changing to test prop here is my cycle 100mg EOD test prop 150mg EOD tren ace 600mg per week...
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