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    Did you seriously just whore yourself out on my visitor messages lmao
    After recently registering on the forum, a forum sponsored message told me you might be able to steer me in the right direction. After recently dealing with a health condition, I'm ready to

    6 months ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. I was in excellent shape and was very active, 22yo 6'4" and 225 pounds (wether I was lifting consistently or not), body fat was low and my cardio and strength were the best in my life. Due to the disease and internal bleeding, I became anemic for the next 5 months and lost 30 pounds over a months time.

    Long story short, I've been on prednisone for about 5 months, but due to the recent addition of an infused medication I have begun tapering off of the pred., and shouldn't be back on it. Due to the catabolic effects over the last 5 months, my muscles have been severely effected. I tried to talk to my specialist about the addition of anavar to stop the wasting and help me get some weight back, but he wouldn't write the prescript. Anavar is commonly used to stop the effects of long term pred. use.

    RIght now I'm 195-200 lbs., have gained a little fat, and am struggling to put on muscle again. My diet is 90% cooked meats and eggs, and I juice 2x a day. I've been staying away from carbs because I've been scared of it turning to fat instead of producing lean mass (due to pred).

    Im new to the thought of steroids, and could use some direction and your help on where to start.

    I greatly appreciate your time,

    hello, i hope you can help me i just purchased some protein peptides and i don't know the proper dosage amount to inject. can you help me.
    In September of 2012 I did a course of stanavar. Around 4 months later I started to get mild gyno... Hard lumps under each nipples and puffyness. The puffyness goes away once the nipples goes hard. Just wondered if you can offer advice as to what would be the best way off getting rid (apart from surgery). I should have followed correct PCT but as this was my first ever course I wasn't aware of this
    FYI. Since my thread was deleted on getting with the young guys 18-25 to understand the proper ways of the sport on what mistakes I made during my 20 year stint.
    I have been taking Pharmacia Genotropin 12 mg, 36 iu bottle. I have been adding 3 x 100 iu's plus another 40 iu of BAC Water. Just want to see if this seem correct to you. With this mix, do you think i'm 1 iu to 1 iu? Let me know what you think. Thanks..
    Dosage info is hard to find on this. I already received the product. Any idea the dosage for a test e cycle. The bottle says 30ml - 10 mg/ml. I already bought my pct from your site. Love the stuff.
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