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  • looking for my next cycle advice. thinking test e, hgh, and dinabol . if this is a good run what is suggested amounts for 8 week run? 51 171lb.
    Hi Man ! I know that your inbox must be flooded with pm's all the time but please reply to my pm. Its been 3 weeks since u answered. every week I send u a message and then continue the doses U advised me to take.. the problem is really getting worse.. plz reply man
    Hi Needto

    Im new to this forum and came across a thread where you've helped a guy with old gyno issues, and i was wondering if i could possibly get some help/advice too? Apologies for my direct approach, i hope this isnt too forward. About 9/10 years ago i cycled twice, first time it was ok however on the second cycle i got itchy nipples which began to puff out. naively i had started the cycle without a pct? the guy from whom i had opurchased the products, wasnt too helpful and just chuckled and sold me some tamoxifan (sp) which helped the issue. moving forward 10 years and after hitting the gym hard (no cycling at all) ive noticed a hard couple of lumps behind my left nipple which are painful when pressed and a puffy looking right nipple. now i did allow my weight to go up so i guess this could be a contributing factor aswell as marijuana use?
    so is there any advice/program you could please give me to help rid this gyno i have? i promise to follow all instructions as advised :)

    Many thanks

    You told me if you don't get to my PM about dosing instructions to just shoot you a reminder so hear it is. Can't wait to get started.
    Hey Needtogetaas-

    I've been a longtime lurker but joined after reading your thread on gyno and was hoping you would be able to lend some advice. After having puffiness/stinging around the nipples following an Hdrol/Furaza cycle I used letro as it had worked previously after this cycle. I followed the same plan of 2.5mg per day but it's been over 2 months and hasn't gone away. I'm hoping you would be able to help me out on an alternative or whether I should continue the letro. Thanks for your time bro
    Had. question aboubt some test e im a newb and really questioning the quality of this lab pharmatech labs cant. Find anything on it even onngoogle help message back thanks
    I did two reviews. I'm horribly busy, bro. I will continue to do more reviews as I get more time. Oh, by-the-way, what's in this for me? :)
    What links are you talking about, bro? I don't feel like sifting through this entire board looking for them. PM me the links you want me to write a review in.
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