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  • they have different products for different things. they are both great places with great products. I like them both. I use agx's amp before work outs and pf's unleashed for sex drive and on cycle.
    Hey! Do you mind if I call ya needto, as it is just easier and quicker to type? Anyway, I am PMing you not on a source (LOL) but a suggestion or comment. I was guided by a person to protein factory stuff..... read many good things about them here. I also ordered a shipment awhile back but quit working out due to depression (I found a dead guy laying next to the treadmill at my workout spot at night, unfortunitly he was by himself, so nobody could help him) and I work out they same way, by myself. Then, I read about AGXsports stuff........... Now I am torn. I was using Unleashed with PCT and doing a great nutritional thing with some cardio before and after workouts to just ease down from a vigorous workout. My delema...... I liked unleashed..... seemed to really work..... I am torn needto...... so I was wandering what you've heard about protein factory. If this is out of line just answer with a simple uh.... just say F off walli... I'll get the hint....

    Thanks needto...
    BTW, I plan on the book but I work at a hotel/conference center and sometimes my pay isn't very well.... Trust as I like to cook and well.... I hear its a good buy.

    Peace man
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