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  • This site is a fraud
    No one helps
    People jus msg reply an make jokes about your questions
    I have mailed the team behind this site about this but i still get no replys what so ever

    I am really upset about this
    I joined to get help but no one helps

    Before i joined i wish this site explained that no onewill help you
    No one will reply to your messages

    No one will help you an tell you if your takin the right stuff or if its dangerous

    This site has no public interest

    I have posted many posts but they magically disapear to a point where i cant find them an now i dont have an option of puttin up any posts

    Why has my option of puttin up posts disapeared?

    Why wont anyone reply or help me???
    Im really scared becuse of what ive taken an now i need help
    Please im beggin yous someone help me

    You and the other moderators have been fantastic help and I would like to say thanks for all the info and direction since I started my elitefitness membership. I know N2 Guard is a great supp support when on AAS for many different things, but I'm 53 and have minor symptoms/ startup of prostate issues. I consider myself lucky after reading what some guys go thru and they are younger than I am. I weigh 180, minor bodyfat eat clean and workout by weight training 5 days a week 1.5 hrs per session and 3 of those days with cardio lasting about 30 min, running, cardio machines etc. The problem with my research for the perfect prostate protection and health is the multitude of supplements on the market. I have done my research, but if I were to use all the different supps I have read about I would have 100 pill bottles on my dresser. Is there a well proven multi supp that is truly beneficial or is there just 2 or 3 that combined would do the job. Nelson seems to be against saw palmetto and from what I read he is right. It does not seem to be proven and I believe that it can be a bad idea with certain AAS. I use only test c or e 200mg normally for hrt per week with anastozole .5 every other day. The onlyy AAS I will cycle are nandralone decanoate, anavar and test. average cycle would be test 300, deca 150 and anastrozole. Cycle would be 12 weeks max and then keep my test the same as hrt after cycle. I've never had gyno or impotence problems with this cycle and make some pretty good progress. My next cycle will be anavar 50 mg per day and test 300 per week with anastrozole and N2 Guard.

    Any suggestions on a prostate protection/health supp combo or multi supplement? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.
    Hi needtogetaas. I've read your thread on gyno and I'm very interested in hearing some more on what you can do for someone. I'm not sure on how to send you a PM though? I dont have msn. is there another way? Thanks
    For a first cycle I was wondering if 50mg of dbol, 25mg of proviron a day for 8 weeks. Then 50mg of nolva for 10 days after gyno.
    G'day mate I did a cycle of decca an sustanon 6 months ago an I got a some ok results but as soon as I got of it I lost all my gains. I've just recently read about pct an I just got my hands on some pregnyl 1500. What I'm saying is I really know nothing an was hoping u could run me through a step by step cycle so I can get those gains back an keep them. Ur advice would be invaluable an I thank u in advance
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