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  • Hey bigtravis, i just read an old post of yours from 2009 and you said you had some dvt and i wanted to ask a couple of questions about it. So did your doc put you on blood thinners or just asprin ? and did you go on cycle while on thinners or how long did you wait to go back on cycle ? thanks
    i did. i hope you did too. i figure you've been busy with life lately. don't see u around too much. but i hope everything is going well.

    a bit belated, but hope 2010 will bring you many pleasing surprises and good fortune.
    hey man i was wondering if u were serious about dropping a few drops of sulfuric acid on my blue heart d-bol to see if it is real. i have never heard this before but if your serious where the hell am i supose to get some sulfuric acid? lol sounds crazy to me but i am no chemist so i will take your word for it and try it out if i can find some acid. you dont need a licence to get that stuff? i dont want people thinking im trying to get rid of some bodies. lol anyway thanks man for the help on my post
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