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  • cool... look forward to checking that out.

    all I am running for my summer stack is 20mg GW and 500mg a week primo with a light dose of test. that's all.
    Hi Led,

    Can I ask you a question regarding my upcoming cycle please?

    This will be my third cycle, aiming for mass and strength. Current stats as follows:
    Age 36
    Height 170cm
    Weight 94kg
    BF 12%

    I currently plan on the following:
    - test E 750mg per week, 20 weeks
    - Deca 500mg per week, 20 weeks
    - EQ 400mg per week , 20 weeks.
    - adex 0.5mg eod
    - caber 0.25mg twice per week.

    At end of cycle I will go back on cruise, test e 200mg per week for about 10 weeks then jump into a short 8 week tren cycle.

    First question is what do you think of the cycle?
    Second question is how I reconcile a long ester cycle like this with your post on limiting cycles to 8 weeks as gains essentially stop unless you add a stronger aas at week 8 to enable you to continue for a couple more weeks. What you say makes a lot of sense to me, but I struggle to reconcile it with the advice that is often given on EF regarding deca and EQ, that they need to be run for at least 16 weeks due to the very long esters and the time required before you see decent results.

    What would you recommend?

    Hahaha yeah ive just been focusing on myself instead of worrying about getting another
    Yeah bro im completely over her now. I am a lot happier honestly! And yeah bro its great to actually have support in this sport.
    Yeah man, and the new girl ive been talking to competes so i have more drive to compete now too. its fucking awesome
    Ive dropped 10 lbs to bro, with strength increasing ;)
    Ill probably eat red potatoes preworkout meal and sweet potatoes post. or something along those lines
    He wants me to eat them before every workout. I did one day and the pump was pretty unreal.
    Thoughts on red potatoes? Gym owner says they're the best carb source because of their potassium to carb ratio.
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