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Fully recovered from PCT?

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Fully recovered from PCT? within the Anabolic Steroids category.

Excerpt: Generally speaking, do you feel fully recoved upon the completion of your pct? If not, how many weeks does it take you. Finishing up PCT (hcg and nolv) after an 8-week prop/tren/winny - 100/75/50 ED.

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    Fully recovered from PCT?

    Generally speaking, do you feel fully recoved upon the completion of your pct? If not, how many weeks does it take you. Finishing up PCT (hcg and nolv) after an 8-week prop/tren/winny - 100/75/50 ED.

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    Moderator dylangemelli's Avatar
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    Re: Fully recovered from PCT?

    thats different for everyone... you will have a much better recovery if you actually run a full and complete pct, which often times, many do not...

    when you are in pct, you are going to get a major spike in cortisol... cortisol is termed the "gains killer" for a reason... it will put you into a catabolic state which will not allow you to build muscle and at the same time will eat it away, on top of the fact you will also get unwanted fat gain... so you will lose muscle and gain fat that you had just busted your ass an entire cycle for... GW and MK prevent the rise in cortisol... not only that but they keep you performing at a level you were while on cycle being the ultimate performance enhancers they are... on top of the fact that mk2866 is the ultimate for healing and recovery, which is imperative in pct as well as keeping strength up to a very high level... gw will also treat cholesterol and blood pressure, which are definitely things that need addressed in pct as well…Organ ST plays a pivotal role in a post-cycle therapy (PCT). There’s a strong misconception that the role of a PCT is simply to restart the natural testosterone production that was shut down from the steroid cycle. While this is true, there are a lot of the other issues that the body has to deal with during a PCT: hormone fluctuations, high liver enzymes, increased blood pressure, pressure on the kidneys and endocrine system, high stress and cortisol levels, the list goes on...Organ ST helps address all of these problems and helps you recover in a timely manner. The quicker you recover, the less likelihood of any long-term problems occurring, and the more likely that all gains you make during your cycle are retained.

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    Re: Fully recovered from PCT?

    It's going to be different person to person depends on age, pct ran, cycle ran, doses, cycle length, cycle experience, etc..
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    Re: Fully recovered from PCT?

    Not always. It's not that I'm not recovered as such as I feel better the longer I'm off.

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    Re: Fully recovered from PCT?

    you used hcg in pct so you actually DELAYED recovery. not good
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    Re: Fully recovered from PCT?

    I haven't PCT'd in years so it's hard to remember. I don't recall having a hard time recovering but it takes time.

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