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Watch out: Proviron IS suppressive (lab results)


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I just want to say everyone should be careful about using proviron as part of PCT. My lab results seem to prove that it IS suppressive.

I got blood work done 1 month after my 3-week cycle ended and LH and FSH were ZERO, while total test was 84 (or 87). I was still taking proviron at the time at 25mg per day.
After seeing that my HPTA hadn't even started to recover, I decided to stop taking proviron because I assumed that was keeping me shut down.

Last Friday, or 2 weeks after dropping proviron, I got blood drawn again, and results show that my HPTA has finally started to recover.
LH 0.5 (normal 0.8-7.6)
FSH 2.1 (normal 0.7-11.1)
Testosterone 151 (normal 262~900)

As a side note, cabergoline has long lasting effects. I stopped taking cabergoline 1 month ago (I was taking 1mg two times per week), and prolactin is still ZERO. So that shit is pretty powerful.
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Good info.

Proviron can be effective while on cycle, it give a good libido boost and is a mild anti E.
Here is the last thread I posted about being shut down if anyone cares about background info.

All I'm saying is if you use proviron for PCT, don't use if for a month like I did because it can keep you shut down.

Also, it's interesting that FSH is now higher than it was before the cycle (I believe it was somewhere around 1.1 or 1.5, I can't find the original thread).
By the way, I will be getting hcg, clomid, and nolva this week, but I'm having second thoughts about using them.

hcg is suppressive, so I don't want to short-circuit my natural recovery since it's starting to happen on its own. As of last week, my nuts are feeling fuller and hanging more comfortably (instead of that tight/up feeling). What does everyone think?
I agree with your thinking. Skip the HCG. Only use HCG during your cycle. Towards the end is nice to get the boys back up to speed before starting PCT.

I always wondered how or why Proviron was not suppressive. Your evidence / experience does seem to indicate that it is suppresive.
I'll be using proviron during my next cycle....never thought about using it for PCT. Good info, though.....
i wouldnt always jump to conclusions like that... i read a post that explains why bro...

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I like proviron during pct, but not everyday...just those days when I'm going out on a date, or might get some. I figure take turns with this and cialis, and you shouldn't be taking proviron for more than a couple days/week.
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