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using test 500mg/ml?

if it hurts then switch to somethign else!
monstro says that I have to pin usually two or three grams per week so I will use high concentrations out of necessity
those concentrations are really not even made and would be something highly questionable if they were sold that way... test 400 is often made but understand, using those concentrations is going to be a terribly painful experience as well as a completely unnecessary one... i would strongly suggest using normal concentration levels...
Wondering about using test 500mgs/ml or sustanon 500mgs/ml
does this injection hurt or does it not necessarily hurt depending on what source you use
just looking to use a thousand milligrams a week and if I could do two CC’s that would be a lot less than having to do four cc’s
any recommend sources?
if it good test you only need half of that. test and sust same thing bro.
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