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Type 1 Diabetic Attempting to Cycle (first time)


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Hello, I'm a Type 1 Diabetic, and I'm going to be attempting my first "cycle" here in about a month, month and a half. With that, I'll cover some of the basics (about me), so that they're out of the way:

Goals: Decrease body fat, increase muscle STRENGTH, and I wouldn't mind a bit of a nicer look :)
Age: 26 years
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 228 lbs
BF %: Using Calipers ~19-20%
M/F Heavy lifting doing Legs, Chest with 30 mins cardio (Always do a little abs with lifting, so I won't keep specifying)
W/Sun Heavy lifting doing Back, Shoulders
Thursday Ice Hockey (1.5 hour game as a goaltender = exhausting)
Saturday/Sunday Ice Hockey Practice 1-2 hours a day (again = exhausting)
Diet: Around 200-220 grams of protein/day, 150 grams of carbs, 100-120 grams of fat. Reasoning behind this is I'm SENSITIVE AS HELL to carbs. I eat a banana and seem to gain 5 lbs of flab right off the bat! Proteins and fats I can eat all day (and enjoy doing so!) but a damned cup of oatmeal every morning will HALT fat burning for me.

Alright, here's the problem. With Type 1 Diabetes, I seem to be HORRIBLY sensitive to weight gain. I've been athletic my entire life (actively practicing MMA, as well as hockey at the collegiate level), but now that I'm aiming at Med school, I can't do my 8-10 hours in the MMA gym like I used to. I realize I'm on a 2300 calorie diet (and I'm guessing it needs to go up on roids?) but seeing as how I'm finding it next to impossible to lose "bad weight" on that caloric diet, I'm tempted to eat the same, get on the juice, and see if the muscle gains come. I figure with more muscle comes more natural fat burning, so it'll work out, but I'm not entirely sure.

That brings me to the next part. I have access to POSSIBLY (unsure until my first cycle) good Equipoise, Test, and Tren. Testosterone Cypionate is the one the supplier has available, as well as Trenbolone Acetate. Equipoise is still a maybe, but I figured it'd be preferential to Tren.

Any general advice on this? I'm hoping to go into this with as much information as humanly possible, and be prepared with post cycling meds BEFOREHAND, as opposed to whining when I can't get it afterwards. AG guys or something seems good, but I'm not entirely sure what, specifically, to use following a cycle that I still can't figure out. From what I'm seeing, EQ plus TEST seems to be the best for my desires (harder body, good cardio boost) but following that, I'd need what, considering budget IS an issue here. I want this to be affordable so it's not a once in every 5 years thing :)

Any help would be appreciated guys, I'll be checking back regularly for answers to any questions!

EDIT: I take 48 units of LANTUS insulin in the mornings (basal rate) and a 1 unit to 8 grams of carbohydrates ratio of Humalog (lispro) insulin.
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I would seriously talk to your endrocrine about this. A good DR, will tell you have to manage this while giving you a strong warning. There is soo much you have to worry, i'm not sure if its worth it. I'm an advocate of gear, and for type 1 diabetes being super active, i'm not sure about the two, together.
What your A1C?
Good luck bro, having type 1 is hard enough while being active even if your healthy.
hi bro i couldnt see this without replying i am a type 1 myself and i am in PCT right now, i just ended a sustanon+equipoise cycle and it went great, at first i lower the dosis of insulin but the body starts getting used to the substances so after a couple of weeks all went back to normal. you can ask me anything, if i can help you ill do it with pleasure.
good luck
Coyote - My last Hemoglobin A1C test came back at a 6.2, which is pretty darned good, as far as my history is concerned :) I might talk with my doc about this, but I'm not actually able to see an endocrinologist more than once every 6-9 months. The darned guy (there are only 2 here) is so busy I can barely reach him. They aren't exactly ecstatic about aiding me "juice" if you know what I mean, and 1 out of 2 endocrinologists in town dropping me because I admit to wanting gear just might be a problem!

Javy - Have you figured out anything that helps you maintain your best weight? Is it just me, or do type 1's seem to have a brutally hard time burning off the fat?! It's been kicking my butt, because anything less than obsession seems to put weight on me (and not the good kind) and quickly! I've lowered my doses of insulin so far, by eating less carbohydrates, but nothing else seems to help it out.

Besides all of that, what sort of doses do I want to be looking at if I'm on an Equipoise/Test 12 week run? How often do I shoot, depending on the type of Test? Like it says above, I'm a new guy in terms of DOING it, but as an already trained paramedic, and a hopeful future MD, I can figure my way through the medical text quite a bit :)

Thanks for any help!
hi bro, yeaahhh thats right i have tu bust my ass tu burn the fat out of my body i do de same thing that you are doing right now thats lowering your carbs this i do it for competition year round i carb cycle to mantain in good shape, i used 250 mg/week of sustanon and 350 mg/week of equipoise, before i started the cycle i weighted 185 after cycle i am on 200 pounds, i think u should use a little bit more because you are heavier than me bro, i think maybe 400 or 450 mg/week of equipoise and 300 or 350 mg/week of test, test you can use it once a week and eq depends of the composition i mean if its 50mg/ml or 200mg/ml.
Ok, great! I'll follow the 300mg/week of test and 400/week of equipoise, that sounds good to me.

Yeah, I've never developed a good system for "cycling" my carbs... what do you do? Just adjust total daily carbs from, say, 200-300, and alternate? Or something more specific?

Thanks for the help, by the way. This is more complicated than it might seem at first glance, hahah.
You absolutely should talk to your endocrinologist. I dont think anyone on here feels comfortable assesing the potential impact steroids will have on your diabeties. If he is a good doc, he will give you an honest opinion instead of just saying you shouldn't do it. If you get an ok, for your first cycle just stick with test only. 500mg / wk will give you great gains. I know you mentioned EQ which is a vet medicine and I dont think a doctor can give you any advice on the effects of a vet med on your endocrine system. Test is made for humans and endocrinologists prescribe it all the time so he could definately give you his professional opinion on that.
well on training days i eat around 360 grams of carbs and on non workout days i just eat half of what i eat on workout days
I am type 1 diabetc myself bro,,, i did a cycle last year and everyting went fine my blood sugar was a little high ,,, np just increase my insulin,,,,, which brings me on to my next point

after some more research i found a study which says test enanthate acually decreases blood sugar levels W00T w00t :D

u should look into it
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