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Tren questions dealing with sexual function, and possible interactions with ADHD meds

Thanks for all the replies once again. I'm gathering my logs now. The only issue is I have them broken into 3 logs, Cycle, Food, and Workout Log. Should I combine them before posting as to keep things concise?

@dylangemelli I didn't realize you could get tests like that done online. Thank you for that. I did a quick search and found a few places. Not sure if we're allowed to post links to labs, but looks decent. If you have one you'd recommend please let me know.
@Snarling Force start 1 log with all inside diet training cycle

Please click the anabolic forum
top RIGHT, you see: +POST THREAD
click that

in Title: write your cycle name, like> My _____ Cycle Log
___ = the name of your log
example: My testosterone cycle Log
in body: write your planned cycle or cycle you doing now, your diet, training and we will help you along on your cycle
Blood work is great advice.
I am new to tren. Only two cycles and I am an older guy.
First cycle went to shit on me and had to stop it.
My prolactin and estrogen went off the charts.
I was also doing TBol as same time. I did have tamoxifen and remidex then.
Second cycle I added caber and my estrogen is still high but all other bloods are great.
This cycle I added things slowly and figured out what was doing what. The remidex I held out for a while. Talking with Dr that’s why my estrogen was still high. Got the remidex back in the mix and all has gone much smoother this time.
Sexual I am not bad for 57 on gear.
I have had same problem you mentioned. Damn near killed my self trying to finish.
I’m in a bulk so the xtra weight doesn’t help.
So basically I am saying you have to figure out what works for you and your body.
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