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Thoughts on high end energy drinks?

If you look at these 'high end' versions as opposed to say, Lucozade, you're correct in that a little extra has been added. In the most expensive versions 'rare herbs' have been added.

But the base ingredients remain the same. Glucose, Taurine, Caffeine and Sugar. Adding those other additives does little to nothing beyond separating them from the cheaper ones on your supermarket shelves.

It's a case of the Kings New Clothes. Feel free to pay more if you want or if you just like the taste.
Caffeine is what is giving you the jolt and is one of the cheapest things to buy on its own. All the other shit is useless. Especially amino acids.
What are your thoughts on these expensive high in energy drinks that are being promoted
they seem to have a lot of stimulants and them and also a lot of amino acids

I see people buying two or three of them and then going to the gym and working out
do they help or hinder your workouts you think and should I try them?

Powdered preworkouts are much cheaper and better for you than these carbonated drinks.
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