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amino acids

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    Mixing bcaa’s with food?

    do you think it is a good idea to mix brand chain amino acids with the food that I am consuming everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner? or do you think that I'm supposed to take them by themselves pre-workout or post-workout? just trying to figure out the best options for timing them. a friend...
  2. S

    NOW amino complete

    Anyone ever hear of this product and if so how would you use it? It has a protein blend with 21 different aminos and it has also vitamins that are included in the ingredients. it's got 120 capsules per bottle and it's a free-form type of amino acid basically I'm looking for something that I can...
  3. C

    How much amino acids i need?

    How much do i need to take of amino acids? I’m taking jerry wards amino acids, it worked really good for him and all that He recommends it.
  4. L

    Amino acids

    Are BC double A’s worth taking or are they a waste of money I saw some selling for $15-30 and that seems cheap to me If i get a months worth would i see a difference during that month?
  5. J

    Adding amino acids to water

    If amino acids are water soluble does this mean I can add them to my water and mix them really good and then drink them. Or do I need to just take them on their own while my mouth is dry so they don't mix with water.
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    too much amino acids?

    Is there such thing as getting too much amino acids or is it safe to overdose on them? A friend of mine took too many and started having bladder issues with his urine and went to the doctor and his kidney’s were out of whack. The doctor had him stop them and 2 days later he was better again.
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    Shatter pre workout

    I ordered shatter pre workout rainbow candy flavor It has a good stim formula and has a bunch of other things like amino acids and yohimbe etc. Its supposed to be good for Losing fat and gaining energy for my workout. the problem is when I take this stuff it makes me nauseous. Is it...
  8. M

    Thoughts on high end energy drinks?

    What are your thoughts on these expensive high in energy drinks that are being promoted they seem to have a lot of stimulants and them and also a lot of amino acids I see people buying two or three of them and then going to the gym and working out do they help or hinder your workouts...
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    Can i overdose on amino acids?

    I have a question about taking amino acids. If these are so good for you and they help you build muscle and keep your muscle wouldn't it be best to take as many of them as I possibly can. Plus they're really dirt cheap to use so it seems like it'd be a lot more economical to take them instead of...
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    Chest pain from amino acids

    I've been experiencing chest pains ever since I started using amino acids. The ones I'm using have a lot of leucine in them. What is happening is I'll take it and then about 30 to 40 minutes later I start getting chest pain. I don't think it's a coincidence that I stopped using them for a few...
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    Amino acids and erections

    I was talking to my buddy down at the vitamin store, he owns the store and has never led me wrong. He said that amino acids like L-citrulline are really good for erection strength and I should try it out for that since I am taking viagra right now. He said it is more healthy than that. Has...
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    foods with amino acids

    I heard that amino acids were the building blocks to muscle gains, just want to make sure I understand this correctly. Also with all the big time pro’s from the 2000’s now retiring they have been more open about what supplements they were using and many say they were injecting amino acids...
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