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  • oh no no, you'll still pay for all the stuff out of your own money. and i'll be scrooge mc duck swimming in the other money i took from you :)
    Dear Mrs. Layinback, I'm totally not hitting on your husband because I a. have a boyfriend b. know he's married and c. have better things to do than hit on men in internet forums I don't know and will never know.

    i'm still telling! then i will have all your wealth when i marry your soon to be ex wife, and im gonna change my name to "layinfurtherback" and my title is going to be hecto millionaire cause i'll win more playing texas holdem! and i'm going to post pix of me wearing your clothes!
    Hey Layingback I saw a post about a cutting cycle on the Internet the other day that you put up. I liked it so i joined the forum but now i cant find it do they take down posts? I am currently running gh 2iu a day i have been for 6m. I am considering adding test anavar,my goal is to lose body fat and keep muscle. do you remember writing about this or something similar lately. if so where can i find it? thanks lionheart
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