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Steroid use as a female

5mgs anavar
10mgs cardarine
3 caps cardazol
2 caps n2guard

MUST roidtest anavar
give vital herbal horny goat weed a try. it is the best supplement help increasing in exercise performance for me.
Try a SARMS stack instead. Only use our forum approved sponsored sources like and umbrella labs!
My wife ran 8 weeks of Anavar at 10 mg a day with no side issues. She is now working on her second stack which will be 50 mg of Primo injected intramuscularly a week and 10 mg of testosterone Cypionate subcutaneously injected every week.
Anavar is going to be a better choice for a female when it comes to potential side effects. In the end though, if you are just looking for better gym performance, just go with SARMs instead. No real need for steroids if you are not planning to compete.
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